Styles and Trends

Christmas Worktop Styling

Style your home for Christmas

With the festive period just around the corner, it's time to think about planning your holiday decor!

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Why Choose Quartz Worktops

The advantages of choosing Quartz worktops in your home

Choosing your kitchen worktop is one of the most exciting parts of the kitchen transformation process but when there’s such an extensive range of materials to choose from, it can be daunting. So why choose quartz?

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Traditional Contemporary Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends: Traditional vs Contemporary Kitchens

Some choose a more traditional kitchen finish and others prefer a clean, contemporary design, but what makes them different?

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Declutter your kitchen

Clever (and stylish) ways to declutter your kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen can be daunting, but there are plenty of creative and stylish ways to do it!

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Colourful Kitchen

Kitchen Trends: Eight ways to add colour to your kitchen this year

Whether it’s bold and bright or soft and subtle, we have some ideas on how to add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

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Two tone kitchens

Kitchen Trends: Pastel and two-tone kitchens

With this latest trend, designers can create kitchens with personality & character. A two-tone style can be the perfect way to breathe life into any space.

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Modern Country Kitchen

Kitchen Trends: Modern Country Style Kitchen

Country kitchens are timeless and classic and they add that rustic, warm feeling to the heart of any home.

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Designing kitchen 3

Designing a kitchen from the tops down

At Gemini, we believe that starting your design journey at your countertops can simplify your kitchen remodel.

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Modern Kitchen Trend

Kitchen Trends: Modern Style Kitchen

A modern kitchen is all about efficiency, from the materials used to the design, a modern kitchen is designed to be functional, beautiful, and minimal.

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Small4web 6961

Shake it up with a Shaker Style Kitchen

Shaker style kitchens work wonderfully with muted colours and here we have curated the most popular Gemini worktop colours for these kitchens.

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Pulborough 5

Choosing the right worktops for your kitchen

How do you know what is the best kitchen worktop material from the vast array of choice available? To help, we’ve compiled a pros and cons summary of all the leading material contenders.

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Custom Kitchen Worktops

Custom Kitchen Worktops

At Gemini Worktops, we create stunning, made-to-measure kitchen worktops for inspirational living.

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Gemini Solid Surface Featured Image

Introducing Gemini Solid Surface

Introducing Gemini Solid Surfaces, our brand-new range of beautiful and versatile worktops. Able to endure intensive fabrication techniques, these innovative surfaces can lend themselves to the most imaginative designs.

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Japandi Kitchen Design

How to create a Japandi Inspired Kitchen

The Japandi trend has been popping up all over the interior space but which worktops best bring this trend to life? We’ve curated some of our Japandi inspired quartz worktops for you along with some Japandi inspired kitchens we’ve spotted on Instagram for inspiration.

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Gemini Quartz Worktop Ideas

Top 5 most sought after Gemini Quartz colours

Your worktop choice is an important one when it comes to choosing your new kitchen. We’ve rounded up our top five more sought after Gemini Quartz colours for some inspiration.

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Industrial Kitchen Design

Kitchen Trends: Industrial Kitchen Design

Industrial interior style is a trend that is here to stay. Exposed brick and concrete surfaces, reclaimed features and statement metal accessories are just a few of the defining features. But which worktop to choose in your industrial inspired kitchen?

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Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas 01

Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

The use of a solid slab splashback is a growing trend this year in contemporary kitchen design. Here are five modern kitchen splashback ideas.

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JR Studio 081 edits scaled

How To Choose A Quartz Worktop You’ll Love

When our customers are planning their kitchen design, we’re often asked to guide on colour choices. We've put some of our design ideas down on paper to help inspire your style decisions.

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Smart technology

How Smart Technology Is Changing The Kitchen

The smart kitchenware industry has exploded, and we’re now spoilt for choice. So what kinds of smart technology are available to add to your kitchen worktops?

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IBE S16 B CO Island F02 scaled 1 scaled e1597218634918

The Function Of The Kitchen Island

Today, A kitchen is no longer a room in which you just cook. Whether your kitchen use is mainly functional, social or a mix of both; we have gathered some great design ideas to inspire you.

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