Top Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our kitchen worktops before you buy? Read our FAQs to help you decide on the perfect worktops for your home.

  • Gemini Solid Surface is a low maintenance yet stylish option for your kitchen; they are durable, non-porous and hygienic, ideal for families with busy lifestyles, especially those with children.

    Quartz surfaces offer the beauty of natural marbles and granites with the consistency and performance of engineered stone. Ideal for the style conscious, quartz comes in a range of styles and colours. Quartz is also easily maintained in comparison to 100% natural stone products.

  • Every colour contains different proportions of ingredients as the percentage of quartz is dictated by the pattern and colour of the design.

    Typically 90-94% of the Gemini Quartz slab is made up of premium Grade A quartz and aggregate (e.g. mirror chips) with the remainder clean resin and pigments. The correct ratio of ingredients and the quality of the raw quartz, resin, aggregates and pigments are extremely important for durability and finish of the product.

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