There are almost limitless design opportunities when designing your kitchen. Choosing cabinetry, deciding on a colour palette, and selecting the right tiles for your kitchen floor. Yet, one element that is often overlooked when planning a kitchen renovation, is what countertop edge style to choose.

At Gemini Worktops, we offer a range of design features to ensure you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Besides completing the look of your design, they also contribute immensely to the style and functionality of your kitchen. The material you choose determines the edge of your worktop.

Due to quartz's durability and ability to handle even the most intricate edge designs, quartz worktop edge profiles are usually the most diverse. Most worktops are designed with rounded and bevelled edges because they are the most popular and affordable. Ogee and Scotia edges can also be used to create an intricate finish to a more contemporary or traditional design.

Worktop Edge Profiles

One of the last touches to your Gemini kitchen worktop is the edge profile. The type and thickness of the material you choose will determine what kind of edge you want for your kitchen - you'll be surprised how much an edge can affect its overall appearance. Almost any worktop edge will look great if you have a large, spacious kitchen.

In a small kitchen, getting your countertop edges right is a crucial design consideration. Smaller kitchens or kitchens with tight corners may benefit from a subtle edge profile like a double bevel or double pencil. You should be able to move around the corners of your worktop without bumping into them.

Traditionally styled kitchens use ornate worktop edges such as Ogee or Scotia edges, while contemporary kitchens use simpler styles like bevelled edges. There are no hard and fast rules about which edge goes best with which style, but your kitchen's visual appeal should be considered. Naturally, a worktop edge with a lot of detail costs more than a straightforward design, as with any purchase, keep your budget and style choices in mind.

One aspect that can sometimes get overlooked is the worktop edge – the smaller details that can pull together the entire design. We offer various worktop edges to suit different kitchen designs and budgets. There can be multiple options and some edge styles can be combined to enhance your unique style.

Our most popular Quartz Worktop Edge Profiles

Double Bevel

A double-bevelled edge profile is the simplest, least expensive, and most popular. It has a slanted top edge; this edge maintains the surface thickness. With the increasing popularity of handle less kitchens, this edge lends itself well to these sleek, contemporary designs and can be incorporated into 20mm or 30mm designs.

For many kitchens, the double-bevelled edge is a simple addition to your worktop edge profile. Many in-frame kitchens follow this style, as the recessed central panels have an echoing edge similar to the double bevel.

Table + Ogee

A home kitchen with an ogee edge tends to be more traditional. A concave edge joins an upper convex arch, producing a soft finish. Tiered edging, such as Table + Ogee, can be more costly, but it can provide a touch of classic character to your kitchen. An ogee edge may be combined with another edge design to create an extremely unique feature in the countertop, creating a statement and feature in your kitchen.

Double Pencil

A double pencil edge has a soft round top and bottom edge, this edge detail is another of the popular edges used for our worktop installations. Creating a strong, clean line across your worktops, the pencil edge is sleek and straightforward. Elegant simplicity and continuity are brought about by its ability to display the most intricately patterned worktops, this edge style works perfectly in contemporary kitchens.

Sharks Nose

A Sharks Nose edge profile is a perfect choice for a highly contemporary feel in your kitchen. This creates the illusion that your quartz worktops are even thinner than they actually are. It is the ideal solution if you opt for handleless doors since it makes the process of opening the door even easier.

The visual effect can be dramatic and gives the impression that the worktops are floating above the units, while the practical benefit is that you can access your doors without obstruction. In recent years, Sharks Nose edge worktops have steadily grown in popularity influencing contemporary design

Square Edge

A square edge is only used for polishing sections of worktop edge that are not exposed to the kitchen. During fabrication we will use a square edge profile where, for example, the worktop meets a tall housing unit. This is so when we install the worktop, it does not have the raw rough texture that could scratch or damage the unit.

Whilst we do get some requests for this edge profile as it sometimes meets certain modernist design styles, it leaves the edge of the worktop highly exposed to chips and damage in a working kitchen environment.

One of the wonderful advantages of designing your own worktops is creating surfaces that suit your personal home style, allowing you to mix and match your edges based on your style, needs and functionality of the kitchen.

Have a look at the full range of edge profiles and design options available.

Gemini Quartz Design Options

There are almost limitless design opportunities with Gemini Quartz, so you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

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