Black Quartz Worktops


Black Quartz Worktops

Renovating or upgrading your kitchen? Discover our stunning collection of black quartz worktops, all the beauty of natural stone yet the performance of our Gemini Quartz. Full of majestic marbles, sparkly shimmers and dynamic dark tones, the Gemini black quartz collection is sure to be the timeless finishing touch your kitchen needs.

Why choose Black Quartz?

Whether you’re creating a modern, industrial, or classic kitchen, this dark and mysterious black quartz collection is guaranteed to bring the bold, dramatic yet sophisticated look that you’re dreaming of.

Black quartz kitchen worktops are favourite for many kitchen renovators, bringing sophistication, durability, elegance and ease of maintenance, it’s the perfect surface for a busy kitchen. Black worktops are completely timeless making the black quartz collection one of our most versatile, pairing perfectly with both modern and traditional kitchens and any colour cabinet, you’re sure to be wowed.

Black Worktops Vs White Worktops

Both equally as timeless in style and as versatile when making key design and colour choices, the difficult decision to choose black or white quartz is a frequent sticking point for kitchen renovators.

Black worktops help bring a warmer, cosier vibe to a kitchen and can help define zones within open plan spaces, black quartz can also bring glamour and sophistication to a modern kitchen and help create a sense of depth and texture in an industrial style. White kitchen worktops help make spaces look bigger and bring a fresher look to your home.

Black Marble Quartz

A truly wow moment, one of the more popular choices, the rich, bold, and dramatic veins of black marble quartz create a dynamic focal point in your kitchen design. Upgrading design options to include splashbacks and wall cladding can elevate further, adding a new layer of depth to the kitchen.

Black Sparkle Quartz

Enhance your space with a black kitchen worktop with an opulent sparkling finish. A modern classic and highly popular choice here at Gemini Worktops, our black sparkle quartz worktops add a touch of glitz and elegance to any space as the light bounces off your quartz worktop and lights up your whole kitchen.

Discover the Black Quartz styles

Complementing a wide range of kitchen interiors, from modern and minimalist or to classic and clean we have the perfect style and shade for you. Discover your favourite style in our wide range of black quartz worktop colours…
Midnight Starburst Midnight Starburst

Midnight Starburst

Gemini Quartz

from £320/sqm

from £192/sqm

Taurus Grey Taurus Grey

Taurus Grey

Gemini Quartz

from £360/sqm

from £216/sqm

Mercury Grey Mercury Grey

Mercury Grey

Gemini Quartz

from £520/sqm

from £156/sqm