Reasons to Choose 20mm Quartz Worktops

Reasons to Choose 20mm Quartz Worktops

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the difference between 20mm quartz and 30mm quartz and which should I go for?

We recommend starting with the countertops when planning your kitchen. Even though it may seem biased, we have some solid reasons to believe that the most successful kitchen designs prioritize work surfaces. When selecting your surface, you have a wide variety of options.

When choosing the kitchen material, you will need to consider the style and design. When deciding on your material type, thickness is a crucial element. Over the years, both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses have become more popular for quartz surfaces due to their durability, functionality as well as aesthetics. So why are 20mm quartz worktops becoming so popular?

20mm Quartz Worktops

The 20mm thickness of a worktop can be ideal for creating a slim, sleek, contemporary design and adding a modern flair to any room. Kitchen worktop styles in recent years have become minimalist, profiles have become thinner, and handle less designs are becoming increasingly popular. There is a growing demand for thinner worktops that offer the same level of durability while remaining cost-effective.

20mm Quartz Worktops

As 20mm quartz is thinner and lighter, it is ideal for installations in high-rise buildings and lofts. In addition to offering similar protection, 20mm quartz is typically more affordable than its 30mm counterpart. The cost difference between 20mm quartz and 30mm quartz is typically between 8-10% cheaper for the thinner option. This difference in price however can vary between various quartz brands/colours and this can be confirmed at the time of quotation.

For the rest of your kitchen, such as splashbacks, upstands, windowsills, wall cladding, etc., you should choose 20 mm worktops to maintain an elegant, sleek appearance. This is because splashbacks and similar pieces with a 20mm thickness look more appealing than those with a 30mm thickness because they do not extend quite as far from the wall. The thickness of your quartz kitchen worktops can have an impact on the functionality, safety, and design of how you use them. It is critical to consider the style of your kitchen, the worktop area, and how you will be using your kitchen space.

Since quartz slabs are engineered stones, they can be customized for colour, consistency, and durability. While the 20mm quartz stone is thinner, it still has the strength to withstand everyday use. Having a surface that is ultra-compact means there are no weak points, so you can use it for a multitude of applications with complete confidence that it will last.

20mm Quartz Worktops in Customer's Kitchens

Look at how Gemini Quartz looks in some of our customer's kitchen and how 20mm creates a minimalist, classic style.


For creating a Shaker-style kitchen with a twist our Infinica quartz from our Ultra HD range is the perfected addition to your kitchen. This surface features an off-white background with striations etched across this canvas of quartz. The patterning adds a dynamic aesthetic and pairs with a pastel tone adds a modern twist on a timeless classic.

The splashback slab behind the hob not only adds a beautiful feature to the space but adds more depth than upstands would, and creates a dramatic focal point in this open-plan room. It also adds a sense of ease when it comes to the maintenance and care of the worktops, meaning there is no hard-to-clean grout leaving the appearance of your worksurfaces in perfect condition.

Infinica 20mm Sink

Infinica 20mm

Capri White

If subtle and soft tones are more your style Capri White quartz is the perfect addition to add to a country-style kitchen. This white quartz worktop features a stunning white background and is brought to life through natural dark grey veins that have all the hallmarks of classic Italian marble. The soft veins add subtle elegance and luxury to your kitchen worktop and paired with neutral tones and soft brass elements help to elevate your chosen style and design.

Capri White 20mm Sink

Capri White 20mm

English White

English White is an excellent choice for creating a chic, classic kitchen style. This quartz worktop has an elegant cream décor with a subtle grain. The true mark of beautiful simplicity. This countertop has an understated luxury adding elegance to any space, paired with muted tones and neutrals to help the visual of the surface become more distinct and prominent. Keeping the colour scheme minimal creates a clean aesthetic for a classic kitchen style.

English White 20mm

English White 20mm Kitchen

It all depends on your style choice for the thickness of the worktops you choose when designing your kitchen. Although 20mm and 30mm share similarities when it comes to functionality and durability, they do differ when it comes to style and visual aesthetics. If you are wanting to create a modern or contemporary look in your kitchen 20mm quartz worktops is an excellent choice for creating a simplistic design.

Best selling 20mm Quartz Colours

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