Home renovations bring dreams to life, transforming spaces into reflections of personal style and function. However, the road to refreshing your home can be filled with unexpected challenges and decisions. 

Whether you are tackling a kitchen overhaul or reimagining your living space, insights from seasoned renovators can help guide you in the right direction. We've gathered invaluable advice from a some of our influencers and savvy renovators to help guide your renovation process.

Alice's Survival Guide

Thriving amidst disruption Alice's (@athomewithalicemay) experience teaches us the importance of preparation and adaptability as well as how to improve an existing space on a budget. When faced with disruption during her kitchen renovation, she found creative solutions to minimise inconvenience. 

From setting up temporary kitchen essentials like a toaster and a kettle to meticulously organising cupboard contents for easy restoration. Alice also made sure to meal prep so she could easily make do without the use of the worktops and oven- takeaways and ready meals were also a major help! Alice's approach exemplifies the power of foresight and resourcefulness.

Kitchen with Gemini Quartz worktops

Embrace Upcycling and Choose Durability

In their endeavour to revive a dilapidated Victorian villa, Cal and Claire (@whathavewedunoon) have uncovered the transformative power of upcycling and durable materials. Instead of discarding cabinets or units, they have found that giving them a fresh facelift injects character and frees up funds for other crucial aspects of the renovation. 

Additionally, they advocate for selecting plywood over MDF for its resilience and eco-friendly qualities. By embracing the ethos of upcycling and prioritising durability, they are not only creating visually captivating spaces but also fortifying them to withstand the test of time. 

Sair's strategic plan

Planning for a new kitchen Sair (@sairkhan) emphasises the critical role of planning in achieving renovation success for a new kitchen remodel. Sair emphasises the importance of planning, completing tasks in the correct order, by doing this and having a clear vision of the finished look but working backward can be incredibly beneficial. 

By envisioning the result and collaborating closely with professionals from the outset, she underscores the significance of aligning creative aspirations with practical considerations, including the positioning of light fittings and sockets and how these would affect her finalised kitchen design. 

Sair's advice reminds us that a well-thought-out plan is a great way to guide us through the complexities of the renovation process with clarity and efficiency.

Gemini Quartz Worktops

Danielle's deliberate design philosophy

Quality Over Haste. Danielle's (@tales_of_olivers_cottage) wisdom lies in the art of deliberation. In a world often driven by impulse and immediacy, she advocates for patience and thoughtful decision-making. It can be extremely exciting to get started full steam ahead, but planning and then planning some more will be the best thing you do. 

From carefully considering layout, style, and practicality to selecting durable, high-quality materials and kitchen worktops, Danielle encourages us to prioritise longevity and function over fleeting trends. Her advice reminds us that a well-executed renovation is the result of meticulous planning and discerning choices.

Drawing inspiration from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be invaluable during the planning stages of your renovation. By immersing yourself in a sea of ideas and creating a vision board, you can explore various design possibilities and refine your vision. When it comes to selecting materials, prioritising quality is paramount. 

This is why Danielle opted for Gemini's quartz countertops for the kitchen - they boast durability and timeless appeal, ensuring longevity in both style and functionality.

Quartz countertops

Cerys' cost-conscious approach

Value and Patience Cerys' (@ty_victorianhouse) journey teaches us the importance of due diligence and patience in the pursuit of value. By seeking multiple quotes and waiting for the right builder, she demonstrates a commitment to securing both quality and affordability.

Cerys's resourcefulness, from setting up a makeshift kitchen to embracing the wait for the ideal contractor, exemplifies the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the renovation process successfully. 

They set up a makeshift kitchen in the playroom on a dining table, so they were still able to cook simple meals with access to a camping stove and air fryer.


Jen's journey to joy

Jen's (@lifeateightysix ) journeys prioritises the main zones with the kitchen and looks at how to make the most out of the space. Consider whether you want to incorporate dining space, designate areas for coffee or cocktail making, and ensure ample room for food prep and dishwashing. Retrofitting these elements later can be challenging, so it's crucial to address them from the outset. 

Additionally, blend style with functionality by decorating with everyday items, such as displaying them on a floating shelf above your main prep area. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose. Lastly, when selecting colours and styles, choose what you genuinely love rather than following trends blindly.

By embracing designs that resonate with you on a personal level, you'll ensure long-term satisfaction with your renovation project.

Jen's kitchen

Meg makes a statement 

Transform your kitchen with these essential tips for a renovation that stands the test of time. 

Meg (@megcoatess) explains how selecting timeless colours and styles will ensure elegance within the kitchen space. By intergrating appliances will help to enhance the praticality in your kitchen as well as streamline your daily routine. By investing in quality materials like wooden cabinets and quartz worktops, promising durability, and lasting appeal.

By following these steps, you'll create a kitchen that seamlessly blends timeless charm with modern convenience, a space designed to enrich your home for years to come.

Waterfall Island with Gemini Quartz

Embarking on a renovation project requires more than just a vision - it demands careful planning, patience, and adaptability. By drawing inspiration from the experiences and advice from some of our savvy renovators, we can approach our renovation projects with confidence and clarity. 

Remember, the challenges may be many, but the rewards of transforming your space into the kitchen of your dreams will all be worth it.

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