Homeowners, design enthusiasts, and renovation professionals alike all strive for the pinnacle of quality and innovation when it comes to transforming living spaces. Achieving the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal in home design is a coveted milestone.

With great excitement, we announce that Gemini Worktops now stands among the elite, having been officially recognised as a Grand Designs Magazine Approved Premium Partner.

“We are thrilled to have Gemini Worktops on board as our newest Grand Designs magazine premium partner. Gemini are a family business that pride themselves on their quality stone surfaces and exceptional customer service. Helping assist homeowners throughout the entire kitchen process, from initial design to seamless installation, Gemini make the perfect fit for the Grand Designs family.”

Richard Morey, Director - Grand Designs Portfolio

A Mark of Excellence in Home Improvement

Being an approved brand is no small feat—it marks a company's commitment to excellence within its industry. Gemini Worktops joins this distinguished group as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality.

An approved brand denotes not just superior products and services, but also consistency, reliability, and desirability in the marketplace. It is a symbol that assures customers they are engaging with the best of the best.

From creating a bespoke quote full of design options and delivering free samples to your door, to laser templating and expert installation teams ensuring a perfect fit, we focus on quality and simplicity for you every step of the way.

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The Rigorous Evaluation for Premium Status

Gemini Worktops' endorsement as a Premium Partner did not come easily. The magazine's approval team embarked on a thorough selection process, assessing potential brands on multiple fronts. To gain the coveted seal of approval, Gemini Worktops had to demonstrate exceptional customer service standards that echo their patrons' needs and exceed their expectations.

Product innovation stood as another critical pillar in the assessment. Remaining at the forefront of the industry, where current trends and technologies evolve at a rapid pace, requires a forward-thinking approach that Gemini Worktops embodies. Our ability to innovate and adapt has clearly set us apart as leaders in worktop sourcing, designing, manufacturing and installation.

The evaluation also encompassed the sustainable business practices that are increasingly imperative in today's global market. Gemini Worktops' recognition highlights their dedication not only to the present demands of the industry but to the future health of our planet as well.


What This Means for You

Whether you’re a homeowner about to start a kitchen transformation, Interior Designer, Architect or work within the trade, Gemini Worktops' new status as a Grand Designs Approved Premium Partner serves as a beacon of trust and quality. When considering a partner for your next renovation project, this approval ensures you are working with an industry benchmark.

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen worktops, designing a new space from the ground up, or seeking unparalleled design expertise, here at Gemini Worktops we stand ready to bring your vision to life with the Grand Designs stamp of excellence.

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The Start of an Exciting Chapter

In the realm of home renovation and design, the assurance of quality and the commitment to innovation are invaluable. Gemini Worktops' endorsement by Grand Designs Magazine as an Approved Premium Partner establishes a new standard in worktop solutions—a pinnacle of achievement that customers can rely on.

Embrace the Grand Designs of your space with the confidence that Gemini Worktops brings to the table—a promise of beauty, quality, and a future-focused vision for every slab installed in homes across the country.

Over the coming week’s we’ll be sharing content across Grand Designs Magazines channels, plus even more exclusive design advice, guidance, and inspiration, from our inhouse team of stone experts. Plus, plenty of style, trend, and renovation tips from our community of kitchen renovators who have themselves tried and tested Gemini’s products and services from start to finish.

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