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How To Choose A Quartz Worktop You’ll Love

How To Choose A Quartz Worktop You’ll Love

For the majority of us, an interior flair doesn’t always come naturally. Though, when it comes to remodelling your home, thought needs to be taken to get the balance just right. At the end of the day, a kitchen restoration is costly and not something you can change easily after completion.

When our customers are planning their kitchen design, we’re often asked to guide on colour choices. This in mind, we’ve put some of our design ideas down on paper to help inspire your style decisions.

Set The Stage With Neutral Quartz Worktops

Create features in your kitchen and help them pop with a neutral quartz worktop. This could be a bold cabinet colour or a striking choice of wall tiling. Or, you may want to keep the harmony in your space with a complete neutral pallet.

Either way, any of these quartz worktops colours will add a subtle beauty to your kitchen design.

English White/Grey Mist

English White or Grey Mist offer the blank canvas of a tight grained, solid coloured quartz surface. No fuss, you have the option of a simple dark grey or pure white to compliment your surrounding décor.

Aspen Ice

Aspen Ice is our best-selling quartz for a reason. A tight grained white with added micro mirror. This colour will satisfy your need for white but add that extra sparkle.

Falcon Ice

Grey is the new magnolia right? Falcon Ice offers a light and airy grey version of Aspen Ice. A popular choice which suits the trend for grey shades over the past decade. Plus, that added frosting of the micro mirror particles will add that extra something.

After creating such perfect harmony, you don’t want to knock your interior off balance. For your flooring, try a calm grey stone or neutral gloss tile to carry on that clean, minimal feel.

Opposites Attract

Contrasting your worktops and cabinets with light and dark is a trend we keep seeing and loving. The main look is a pure white marble quartz worktop against a dark navy colour pallet – so dark its almost black!

Top tip: A matte finish on the cabinets will give a beautiful contrast to the sheen of polished quartz worktops.

Calacatta Champagne

A beautifully bold choice, Calacatta Champagne will add decadence to a navy themed kitchen. Its wide veins and gold details will look striking in larger material expanses, perfect for a kitchen island. The darkness of the cabinets will really offset the white backdrop and help the details stand out even more.

Statuario Ice

If you prefer a more subtle vein, Statuario Ice would be a graceful choice. Delicate long veins stretch across a white background – this worktop will look simply lush.

Venetian White

If you want something with more dazzle, Venetian White has micro mirror particles that subtly sparkle in its quartz surface. This will give you extra contrast with the polish giving out that extra lustre against your matte paintwork.


If you want to make a stronger marble statement, Arabescato carries a darker, more prominent vein detail. This stunning marble quartz surface is one of our most popular choices for this very reason.

Contrasts shouldn’t stop there. Are you lucky enough to have a kitchen Island? Go navy on the cabinets here and then a cream of off white/grey for the surrounding area. For flooring, add some more interest and contrasts. Create symmetry with some feature tiles in the centre of your floor.

Black on Black Kitchen Trend

A red-hot trend for 2020, going black on black will achieve the ultimate style for those who dare to do it right. Again, matte painted cabinets will have a stunning effect against the contrast of black polished quartz worktops.

We have a number of stunning dark quartz that will help you achieve this style your own way:

Midnight Starburst

The lustre of Midnight Starburst would be a stunning choice. A deep shade of black that dazzles with mirror particles. This option will add that deep shade of black your looking for with that diamond twinkle that will bring your kitchen to life.

Scorpio Black

Giving a different take on the black marble quartz, Scorpio Black offers a black backdrop with a busy white vein detail. Plus, it’s at one of our most reasonable price points!

For your flooring, we wouldn’t recommend keeping it black. One, it’s hard to get the perfect colour match across different textures and can leave your kitchen looking mismatched. Two, because you don’t want to let all the dark blur into one. Whether wood, ceramic or stone, lighten up slightly with grey. Your floor won’t stand out and at the same time, won’t blend in.

For walls, yes you could keep it black. But for added texture, we’d go for tiles over paint. A monochrome patterned tile would also do the trick if you want to add another dimension to your kitchen.

Go Organic With Your Kitchen Worktops

A mixture of nature’s colours and textures is a lovely interior theme to welcome into your home. In our Gemini Quartz worktop range, we have a collection of colours inspired by the unique beauty of nature.

Highland White & Atlas White

Two Quartz worktop colours that give the organic look of granite. Crystal fragments and translucent features give it a truly natural feel. You have the creamy backdrop with earthy tones and grey-blue hues of Highland White. Or, a pallet inspired by Icey tones of the winter highlands in Atlas White. Many colour schemes will compliment however, go for a slightly darker tone to help the details in these quartz shine.

Mercury Grey

Subtle details give the natural flow of granite in Mercury Grey. This colour will give your kitchen the look and feel of a unique piece of nature in your home. As a grey, this colour will pair with almost any pallet. We suggest trying a lush shade of plumb for your shaker cabinets.


A smooth blend of beiges Fawns and creams, Timberwolf offers an earthy design that sparkles with micro mirror particles. A colour pallet with olive green, paired with a subtle mix of grey and cream would work well with this colour.

Emperador Gold

A beautiful earthy brown quartz that boasts all the drama of natural granite with a dusting of golden details. This colour will pair well with a lush coffee and cream colour pallet.

These colours can be paired with traditional or modern settings. However, we’d say these quartz worktops look more at home in a conventional shaker kitchen.

Pair these quartz worktops with natural textures such as wood. Opt for antiqued wood flooring where the grain and texture is on show in all its glory. You could even have a mix of worktop material to complement each other opting for both wood and quartz worktops.

Still struggling to decide which way to go with your kitchen design? Here’s some quick tips for planning your interior options:

Top Tips for planning your kitchen interior

Pin your ideas on a mood board

This could be physically creating a scrapbook of clippings you like from home décor magazines. Or, if you haven’t already, sign up to online platforms like Pinterest and Houzz and create some virtual boards. Instagram is also a great platform to collect your visual likes and discover ideas.

Creating a mood board will help you identify your taste and what colours and textures you’re leaning towards.

Order samples for all the surfaces in your kitchen

It’s often hard to visualise how colours will look in the light and space of your home. Therefore, it’s crucial you see how they look with the other textures and colours of your floor, cabinets, walls etc.

Use configuration tools

Many businesses are leaping into the world of augmented reality which means you no longer have to visualise for yourself. If you’re hiring an architect or design service, they may have the ability to create CGI drawings.

Visit a show home and have a nosy at the décor.

This one may be a little bit cheeky when you’re not planning on buying a home. However, visiting a show home of a newbuild housing estate is a great way to get inspiration. They are designed by hired experts who keep to current trends.

If you want to stay out of trouble, visit stylish home decor stores like Barker and Stonehouse, Habitat or Neptune. These stores lay out their products in designed settings which will help inspire your own home decor style.

There are plenty more options to consider when choosing your quartz worktops. So, if you’re still struggling to decide, the Gemini Worktops team are always happy to help. Contact us today.

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