Grey Quartz Worktops

Grey Quartz Worktops

Create a kitchen you’re proud of with Gemini Worktop’s Grey Quartz Collection - beautiful, highly durable surfaces for the busiest of kitchens. Our extensive range of grey quartz worktops are the perfect way to finish off timeless classic or modern minimalist kitchens. 

Whether you’re looking for a statement marble or subtle shimmer, we’ll have a stunning grey quartz worktop for you – so, let’s bring your vision to life.

Discover the Grey Quartz Countertop styles

Falcon Ice Falcon Ice

Falcon Ice

Gemini Quartz

from £320/sqm

from £192/sqm

Silver Starburst Silver Starburst

Silver Starburst

Gemini Quartz

from £320/sqm

from £192/sqm

Taurus Grey Taurus Grey

Taurus Grey

Gemini Quartz

from £360/sqm

from £216/sqm

Grey Mist Grey Mist

Grey Mist

Gemini Quartz

from £520/sqm

from £156/sqm

Why choose a grey quartz worktop?

Grey Quartz worktops are a popular choice due to their neutral finish and clean appearance. Especially popular for those creating a contemporary or modern kitchen due to their neutral, earthy tones and clean appearances. Choose grey quartz to soften an all-black kitchen cabinet design, or ensure your kitchen stays warm in an ultra-white home.

A great alternative to both white quartz and black quartz, a grey quartz countertop is hardwearing and stain resistant, a brilliant choice for households that enjoy cooking and want to keep their space looking as good as new. Completely versatile, the neutral tone within grey quartz means they can be easily matched with almost any other colour scheme, guaranteeing to create a wow factor in your home.

Light grey quartz worktops

When it comes to grey quartz there’s a wide scale of shades and styles. Light grey worktops keep the space light, bright and create a sense of openness.

Light grey quartz is often chosen instead of a white quartz worktop due to the easier maintenance and upkeep and a desire to introduce a subtle splash of colour and interest in a neutral kitchen.

A pale, light grey quartz worktop is perfect for a classic shaker style or pairs well with an ultra, cool urban loft style kitchen design.

Dark grey quartz countertops

Dark, moody, and unbelievably cool, our dark grey quartz surfaces bring a softer alternative to black quartz, yet still create a high level of sophistication and drama in your new kitchen.

Perfect for creating a sense of depth and drama with your kitchen worktop, whilst being the practical, low-maintenance choice you need for your high-traffic, busy kitchen space.

A dark grey quartz worktop complements urban, contemporary, modern, and minimalist kitchen designs and has become a popular choice for our customers.

Grey marble quartz worktops

Marble quartz is one of the all-time favourite materials for interior design, it has stood up throughout all the latest trends with its distinctive veining and depth of colour.

When designing our marble quartz, our aim is to replicate the world’s most beautiful and natural marble surfaces, from soft shades and subtle veins to rich, bold and dramatic veins that are sure to take centre stage. For a beautiful finish and timeless kitchen style, choose a grey marble quartz.

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