White Quartz Worktops


White Quartz Worktops

Make your kitchen worktop dreams a reality with a white quartz worktop - all the real beauty of natural stone, and all the practical benefits of our Gemini Quartz. The stunning soft shades and neutral tones of our Gemini Quartz white worktops are the perfect, timeless addition to brighten up your kitchen, no matter the style - modern, classic, or contemporary.

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Why choose white quartz?

Do you want to elevate your kitchen or bathroom space with a stunning white quartz surface? Our White Quartz Collection, brings together a beautiful selection of neutrals to create a clean, classic, and calming space in your home.

A true symbol of sophistication, our premium, white quartz worktops are manufactured from the most superior minerals, creating authentic, full-bodied designs full of natural beauty. The most versatile choice you can make, selecting a beautiful white quartz worktop allows you to pair with any wall, floor, cabinet or accessory colour.

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White Quartz Worktops Vs Black Quartz Worktops

Both timeless and versatile, the debate between white quartz and black quartz continues… White quartz helps to create a sense of openness, making the room feel bigger, it also brings a brighter, fresher and cleaner feel to a kitchen.

It’s often thought White worktops pair well with a more classic, country look, helping to bring the outside beauty into the home. Black worktops help bring a warmer, cosier vibe to a kitchen and when selecting a marble or sparkle, bring a touch of glamour to the space.

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White Marble Quartz

Looking to create a statement with style? Select a marble quartz… When designing our marble effect white quartz, our aim is to replicate the world’s most beautiful and natural marbles, from soft shades and subtle veins to rich, bold, and dramatic veins that are sure to take centre stage in your kitchen or bathroom.

Sparkle White Quartz

White Sparkle Quartz

Bring a touch of sparkle home with our white sparkle quartz worktops. A modern classic and highly popular choice here at Gemini Worktops, sparkle quartz worktops add a touch of glitz, glamour and elegance to any space.

Find the perfect white

Complementing a wide range of kitchen interiors, from modern and minimalist or to classic and clean we have the perfect white style and shade for you. Discover your favourite style in our wide range of white quartz worktop colours

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