Gemini offers a curated selection of high-quality accessories designed specifically for your quartz surfaces. With guaranteed design compatibility, our compliance-checked accessories seamlessly complement your Gemini stone worktops.

We prioritise quality by featuring brands that match the durability of our stone worktops, unlike accessories geared towards laminate surfaces. Enjoy coordinated delivery scheduling ahead of the template, eliminating unexpected delays and costs.

Plus, our warranty validations, including recommended extras like sink supports, are covered within our 5-year installation guarantee, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for your project.

In modern kitchens, quartz worktops have become highly sought-after due to their durability, appealing aesthetics, and easy maintenance. To optimise the value of your investment in quartz worktops, the selection of appropriate accessories is crucial.

This blog explores how kitchen essentials such as BORA hobs, sinks, and taps from reputable brands like Schock, 1810, HotSpot, and UKINOX, along with InSinkErators products, can significantly elevate both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your quartz kitchen worktops.

BORA Hobs & Extractor: The Future of Cooking

BORA is a revolution in home cooking appliances. The mission from the start was to end the “aesthetically dubious” extractor hood.

Today, customers can choose from a range of BORA cooktop extractor systems tailored to meet individual lifestyles and cooking preferences. At Gemini, our relationship with BORA stems from the desire to pair the world’s most beautiful surfaces with the most practical and stylish cooking appliances.

BORA Hobs & Extractor

BORA QVac: The built-in vacuum sealer for longer-lasting food and extraordinary taste

Make food last up to three times longer and reduce waste with the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer. From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to sauces, soups and stews, raw or cooked – vacuum sealing makes it possible to keep food for longer without it losing its natural taste or consistency.


Sinks and Taps: A Perfect Match

Choosing the perfect sink and tap to go with your brand-new Gemini surface is crucial for the functionality and style of your kitchen. With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from find the perfect match to your design and colour scheme.

We offer a range of high-quality, European-designed sinks from our partners The 1810 Company, Schock and UKINOX. These include stylish under-mount sinks, inset sinks and Belfast sinks. Add a contemporary finish with a unique AXIX sink or composite quartz Schock sink, with matching taps available for the perfect finish.

Ukinox Sinks

HotSpot: functionality at your fingertips

This tap is a remarkable kitchen appliance that has gained significant attention for its innovative design and practical nature. The beautiful and useful, 3-in-1 filtered boiling water tap switches easily between cold, hot, and boiling water- all from the same tap. Hotspot Titanium also includes a 5-year parts and labour warranty when purchased from Gemini- giving you peace of mind.

Hotspot Titanium Vito

InSinkErator: The world's first waste disposer

Over 80 years ago InSinkErator invented the world’s first food waste disposer. An InSinkErator food waste disposer sits neatly under the sink and is both a convenient and responsible choice for the modern home. It diverts food waste from landfills and is a great alternative to food composting.

Insinkerator Header

Accessorise in style

At Gemini, we have curated accessories for your quartz surfaces that are of exceptional quality and designed to accentuate your worktop's form and function, so why buy accessories from Gemini?

  1. We offer guaranteed design compatibility with your new quartz worktops. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and this ensures seamless integration with your new quartz worktops.
  2. We partner with curated brands selected for quality matching our stone worktops. Unlike generic options in the market, we prioritise quality, mirroring the durability and elegance of our stone worktops.
    While many kitchen retailers offer accessories tailored for laminate surfaces, we focus on delivering accessories that complement the superior quality of stone worktops.
  3. With coordinated delivery and scheduling ahead of the template, you can experience a hassle-free project. This strategic approach eliminates the risk of aborted template costs and unexpected delays, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process for your quartz worktops.
  4. Warranty validations are covered as part of your new quartz worktops, this gives you peace of mind when choosing Gemini. As part of our commitment, recommended accessory extras such as sink supports are not only supplied but also covered within our 5-year installation guarantee, providing long-term assurance and support for your project. Choose Gemini for a stylish, compatible, and worry-free experience.

Adding the right accessories can transform your quartz worktops and kitchen into a functional and organised space. With these exceptional accessories, your kitchen is elevated to an entirely new level, where practicality and aesthetics merge to create the perfect kitchen.

These accessories are also a great way to enhance your quartz worktops by creating a modern kitchen space.

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