Quartz worktops are the epitome of elegance, durability, and versatility in any kitchen. Their sleek and polished appearance can transform the entire ambience of a room.

However, to truly make the most of your quartz worktops, you'll want to complement them with the right styling. In this blog, we'll explore how to dress, style, and accessorise your quartz worktops, incorporating plants, flowers, and decor.

A quartz kitchen island serves as an excellent starting point when dressing your kitchen and worktops, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its smooth, luxurious surface not only provides a durable and easy-to-maintain workspace but also acts as a canvas for expressing your design style.

A quartz island can set the tone for your kitchen decor, serving as a focal point around which you can build the rest of your design elements.

Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern look or a more rustic, traditional vibe, the versatility of quartz allows it to seamlessly integrate into various design schemes. When dressing your kitchen, you can use the quartz island as a foundation, coordinating the colour and pattern of the island with complementary accessories, such as bar stools, pendant lights, and decorative items.

By harmonizing these elements, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing kitchen space where the quartz island stands out as a stunning centrepiece.

Worktop with contrasting cabinets

Embrace the Power of Contrast

When styling your quartz worktops, consider the power of contrast. If your worktop is white or light-coloured, introduce darker elements like black or deep navy-blue decor for a timeless look.

Conversely, if your worktop is dark, light accents can create a visually striking contrast. Think about contrast not just in terms of colour but also in texture and materials.

A sleek quartz worktop pairs beautifully with natural or rustic elements like wood and stone, making it a great choice for a kitchen remodel.

Greenery and Plants

Plants are an excellent way to breathe life into your kitchen and bring a sense of the outdoors in. The vibrant green hues of plants and flowers contrast beautifully with the polished surface of quartz worktops.

Incorporating greenery into your quartz worktop styling is a versatile and visually appealing choice that not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also contributes to a healthier, more inviting, and vibrant environment.

It's a simple yet effective way to transform your kitchen into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing area. Adding potted plants or herbs to your windowsill or worktops like basil, rosemary, mint, or thyme in decorative containers, are not only a great way to add colour to the space but they are aesthetically pleasing and have practical use when cooking.

Adding plants in a kitchen

Floral Arrangements

Incorporating floral arrangements into your kitchen decor can be a delightful and transformative addition, especially when paired with elegant quartz worktops. The beauty of fresh flowers or even high-quality silk arrangements not only brings a touch of nature indoors but also infuses your kitchen with vibrant colours and fragrant aromas.

These floral accents can serve as a striking contrast to the sleek, modern aesthetics of quartz worktops, creating a harmonious balance between the organic and the refined. The natural light that often graces kitchens enhances the floral display, making it a captivating focal point and a true work of art.

Whether you opt for a minimalist single bloom in a vase or a bountiful bouquet, the presence of floral arrangements on quartz worktops adds an element of freshness and charm, making your kitchen an inviting and appealing space that offers visual interest.

styling a quartz worktop with a vase

Decor and Accessories

Dressing your quartz worktops with carefully chosen items can elevate the aesthetic of your space. Artwork, for instance, offers a wonderful opportunity to highlight your style. You can opt for framed paintings, prints, or even a gallery wall to add a touch of sophistication.

Vases are versatile additions; they can hold fresh flowers, and greenery, or even stand as standalone decorative pieces, with their colours and shapes accentuating the worktops' beauty. Candles provide a warm and cosy ambience, their soft glow enhancing the elegance of quartz surfaces.

Additionally, you can experiment with a mix of functional and decorative items like decorative bowls, trays, or glassware, from antique teacups to intricately designed coasters. The key is to strike a balance that complements your quartz kitchen countertops, creating a stylish and harmonious kitchen or living space.

Adding your collection of cookbooks on your worktops makes them easily accessible but also adds an inviting, homey feel to your kitchen. To create an appealing display, consider using a book stand or a decorative bookshelf to add a charming kitchen aesthetic.

And for a pop of colour and freshness, don't forget to add a bowl of fruit as a beautiful and practical centrepiece.

Kitchen accessories and everyday items play a vital role in not only enhancing the functionality of your kitchen workspace but also in adding a touch of style to dress your worktops. Items like utensil holders, spice racks, and canister sets not only keep your kitchen organised but can be selected to match your decor, infusing the worktops with personality.

Cutting boards, when chosen for their design as well as utility, can double as decorative elements. Small kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers, mixers, and toasters often have sleek and modern designs that complement the clean lines of your kitchen countertops.

Additionally, decorative dishware and serving platters can be both functional and visually appealing, serving as a piece of art in your kitchen. The key to dressing your worktops with kitchen accessories is to find a balance between aesthetics and practicality, being mindful of clutter and mess when dressing your space. This will allow you to create a space that is not only efficient but also functional.

Kitchen island with lighting


Thoughtful lighting can significantly enhance the dressing of your quartz worktops, accentuating their beauty and creating an inviting ambience. Proper illumination is essential to highlight the texture and details of the quartz surface, making it a focal point in your kitchen or living space.

For quartz worktops, under-cabinet lighting is often an excellent choice, as it casts a soft, even glow across the surface, reducing shadows and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Pendant lights or chandeliers hung above the worktops can also be used to provide focused illumination while adding a touch of elegance. Dimmable LED lights are energy-efficient and offer versatility in adjusting the brightness to suit different occasions.

The type of lighting you choose should complement your overall decor style, but the goal is to create a well-lit, visually appealing area where your quartz worktops shine as a centrepiece of the room.

Chopping board on a quartz window cill

Regardless of the size of your kitchen space, it's entirely possible to maximize your worktops and dress them in a way that optimizes both functionality and aesthetics. In small kitchens, where space is at a premium, it's crucial to prioritize efficiency.

When it comes to dressing your worktops, select decor that complements your quartz or other surface material without overcrowding it. Keep the colour scheme and design minimal to create an illusion of more space. In larger kitchens, where interior design plays a bigger role, the key is to strike a balance between utility and visual appeal.

Embrace a mix of decorative elements, like artwork, decorative bowls, or vases, while leaving sufficient workspace for meal preparation. Lighting is also essential; under-cabinet lighting can make even expansive worktops more inviting.

Regardless of the kitchen's size, thoughtful planning and a focus on both functionality and aesthetics will allow you to make the most of your worktops and create a visually appealing, well-organized kitchen space.

By embracing contrast, introducing plants, and floral arrangements, and carefully selecting accessories, appliances, and lighting, you can achieve a look that's not only visually pleasing but also reflective of your style.

So, unleash your inner interior designer and elevate your space with the magic of quartz worktops and thoughtful styling.

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