BORA Cooktop and Extractor Systems

BORA Cooktop and Extractor Systems

BORA is a revolution in home cooking appliances. The mission from the start was to end the “aesthetically dubious” extractor hood. Today, customers can choose from a range of BORA cooktop extractor systems tailored to meet individual lifestyle and cooking preferences.

At Gemini, our relationship with BORA stems from the desire to pair the world’s most beautiful surfaces with the most practical and stylish cooking appliances.


BORA Cooktop Advantages

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

BORA extracts odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This eliminates vapours from rising up and spreading around the room. Grease particles are effectively trapped in the stainless steel filter. This will make you feel like you are cooking in fresh air.

Clear View

Clear View

No more design compromises. BORA frees you from the constraints of the traditional extractor hood with no corners, facades or limited vision. Interact naturally with your guests around an island, or make use of the increased wall space to modernise your kitchen design.

Fresh Air

Simple Cleaning

Conventional extractor hoods are notoriously difficult to clean. BORA makes everyday life easier, even when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. All moveable parts can be removed by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Fresh Air


Intelligent extractor flow speed and innovative motor technology guide vapours directly to their destination. Compared to conventional extractor hoods, that have to work hard for a comparatively limited result, BORA cooktop extractors are a quiet and effective solution.

BORA Products

Recirculation System

BORA innovative cooktop extractor systems remove odours as soon as they arise, ensuring a kitchen full of fresh air.

The BORA recirculation system allows extracted air to pass through a high-quality activated charcoal filter. This cleans and removes any odour molecules, before returning the air to the room, keeping the air in the room fresh. As the recirculation system keeps the warm air in the house, they are also ideal for passive houses and nearly zero-energy buildings.


Complete System

Gemini ensure that everything you need to get your BORA cooktop installed with your new kitchen worktops is co-ordinated under one roof.

Quiet Operation

Conventional extractor hoods blast out around 70 decibels directly at head height. BORA, by comparison, is quieter than frying a steak, even when set to the highest level.

Effective Odour Removal

Odourless, fresh and ambient air throughout the whole kitchen. The recirculation air cleaning boxes and integrated filter solutions effectively remove unpleasant odours.

Simple Operation

The BORA system is controlled by turning the knob, tapping or sliding. Designed for intuitive and simple operation.

Large 4 Cooking Area

Compact controls and ergonomic positioning of the extractor means all induction cooking zones offer plenty of cooking space, even for very large pots and roasters.

Storage Space

Appliance heights of under 200mm and integrated recirculation filter units ensure maximum storage space is preserved in the base units.

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