Undertaking a kitchen renovation is an exciting project that often comes with its fair share of challenges. One particularly daunting aspect is the temporary loss of your kitchen, especially when it involves removing worktops.

In this survival guide blog, we'll explore the ways to help you navigate the chaos and maintain order and functionality during this challenging but exciting time. From setting up makeshift cooking stations to optimising meal planning, we've got you covered on how to make the most of your kitchen during a remodel.

Say goodbye to your old kitchen as you anticipate the arrival or your brand-new space.

Create a Temporary Kitchen Station

The first thing to do in the absence of worktops is to establish a makeshift kitchen station- this is crucial. Set up a temporary area or counter space with a folding table or any flat surface available, this will become your cooking space. Set this space up with essential small appliances like a microwave, toaster, slow cooker, or electric kettle. This designated area will serve as your survival hub for food preparation and cooking.

Embrace the Art of Meal Prep

While the temptation is to get a takeaway every night, the cost can soon add up. During your kitchen renovation, meal prep becomes your best friend. Plan, prepare and batch-cook simple meals in advance, using food storage containers to keep leftovers organised in the fridge and freezer. Food preparation not only saves time but also ensures you have access to nourishing food without the need for extensive cooking in your makeshift area.

Invest in Portable Cooking Appliances

To survive the kitchen renovation period, consider investing in portable cooking appliances such as a single-burner induction cooktop, slow cooker, or hot plate.

These compact gadgets can be set up in your makeshift kitchen station, providing you with the means to cook a variety of dishes despite the absence of traditional worktops so you are still able to have delicious home-cooked meals without the stress.

How to survive without worktops

Create a Washing and Prep Zone

If you do want to keep some normality during your kitchen remodel, designate a separate place for washing your dishes, a place that can become your 'new' kitchen sink.

This could be the bathroom sink, utility sink, or even the bath. If you are short of space Invest in a collapsible dish rack, bowl, and portable containers to streamline the cleaning process.

It can be difficult without the use of a dishwasher, but this strategic organisation ensures that you can maintain a level of cleanliness and order, even in the absence of your regular working kitchen.

Stock Up on Non-Perishables

Ensure your kitchen survival by stocking up on non-perishable pantry staples. Canned goods, dry pasta, rice, and other shelf-stable items can be the foundation of simple yet satisfying meals- as well as being quick to prepare. Having a well-stocked pantry minimises the need for daily trips to the shop and adds a level of convenience to you and your makeshift kitchen.

Stay Organised and Minimise Clutter

With limited space and resources, staying organised becomes paramount. Keep essential items accessible, and small appliances and their wires tidy, you can manage your space and clutter. This will not only help you navigate your makeshift kitchen more efficiently but also maintain a sense of order during the renovation process.

Surviving a renovation without kitchen worktops requires a combination of strategic planning, adaptability, and a touch of creativity. By embracing this survival guide, you can not only endure the chaos but also find opportunities to simplify your daily routines.

Remember, the temporary inconvenience is a small price to pay for your beautiful new kitchen - good luck!

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