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The top worktops to match your kitchen cabinet style

Kitchen Inspiration
Modern Statuario

When buying a new kitchen, choosing the top worktops to match your cabinet style is perhaps the most important decision you need to make. This is because the cabinets are the most visual element of the vertical space, whilst the kitchen worktop takes the majority of the horizontal space.

It is important to understand that certain colours and styles need to complement each other. Therefore, try not to choose two colours, patterns or styles that may detract from achieving a visual balance. Get it right, and your kitchen will look incredible. Designed as a source of inspiration, this handy guide will help you achieve just that!

Contempory Kitchen Style

Channel Handleless = Aspen Ice

True handleless kitchens deliver the most contemporary living appearance. Ensure you complement this look with a top worktops design that fits seamlessly with the minimal clean lines. To achieve this, look no further than Gemini Quartz Aspen Ice. Crisp and neutral, the micro mirror sparkle enhances the style by providing a natural shimmer. Therefore, Aspen Ice is the bestselling quartz worktop on contemporary kitchen designs.

Contempory Kitchen Worktops

J Pull Handleless = Midnight Starburst

The original contemporary door style requires a kitchen worktops that enhances the kitchen design. Gemini Quartz Midnight Starburst is an iconic quartz worktop that extracts this style to the maximum. What is more the eyecatching Midnight Starburst worktops extend the J Pull handleless kitchen’s sleek and sharp lines. On trend accessories in gold and copper are also popular additions that sit perfectly with this design style.

Modern Kitchen Style

Statuario Worktops

Flat Panel (Slab Fronted) = Statuario

These kitchens are increasingly popular as a practical choice as they marry the contemporary style with a traditionally constructed door. Flat panel (also known as slab fronted) style kitchens are ever popular in modern and transitional design schemes. But, what are the top worktops to with this style of kitchen?

Colour typically plays an important role in flat panel doors. An attractive but well balanced kitchen worktop will be a perfect complement, whatever colour scheme you choose. This is why we see so many flat panel kitchens paired with Gemini Quartz Statuario. Certainly, the marble veining within the quartz worktop is brought to life by the neutral but bright background tone. A surely stunning combination that is certain to impress.

Traditional Kitchen Style

Shaker = Mercury Grey

The classic and timeless traditional kitchen style, shaker kitchens remain ever popular. Modern shaker kitchen designs tend to lend towards soft and muted colour schemes that deliver a tasteful and classy appearance. Moreover, the inherent warmth and comfort of these kitchen designs supports a rich and earthy kitchen worktop tone.

Gemini Quartz Mercury Grey is the perfect example of a quartz worktop designed to complement a shaker kitchen. The high gloss worktop surface contrasts the matt lustre of a shaker cabinet. Whilst Mercury Grey’s organic dark grey background and silvery veining delivers a striking finish.

Inset = Atlas White

Simplicity is the name of the game for Inset door styles. It is pairing down the slightly more detailed style of a Shaker design. At the same time, it retains the inherent craftsmanship that goes into creating a traditional style kitchen. The modern, simple feel creates a transitional design style and as a result the style continues to grow in popularity.

A wide range of quartz worktop choices will enhance an inset kitchen design. But none more so than Gemini Quartz Atlas White. Whereas a decade ago, a natural granite may have been specified on this kitchen style, now you can enjoy the benefits of one of the top worktops on the market. Furthermore, Atlas White ensures the kitchen will stand apart from the crowd with its natural and organic beauty.

Traditonal kitchen worktops

Country Kitchen Style

Timberwolf Kitchen

Solid Timber = Timberwolf

Natural timber style kitchens retain their presence in kitchen designs across the country. Authentic, rustic and timeless. Solid timber doors are natural and imperfect. What is more, they are the antithesis to the modern plastics we see so much of in society today. Typically infused with distinctive knots and grains, solid timber has an irreplaceable character.

The perfect way to marry this force of nature is to pair back the kitchen worktops colour. Consider choosing a soft, organic décor. Gemini Quartz Timberwolf fits the design brief to a point. The high gloss finish and delicate creamy hues strike an exquisite harmony with the raw, elemental solid timber kitchen design.

Beadboard = Arabescato

A classic farmhouse kitchen style, beadboard is where vertical ridges act as beads within the frame of the kitchen door. Typically this style of cabinetry works best with light, soft colours. Whether pastel greens or light blues, the right worktop is critical to achieving the overall harmony in the kitchen design.

Gemini Quartz Arabescato has been successfully integrated into many such beadboard kitchen design schemes. The flowing marble veining of Arabescato is set within a light, creamy white background. Subsequently, Arabescato is regarded as one of the top worktops that elevates this kitchen design.

Industrial Kitchen Style

Exposed Wood = Cool Cement

Real and authentic materials are a must within an industrial kitchen design theme. The industrial theme has been recently revived. This is, in large part, due to people standing up and taking notice of the cheap and inferior materials that were becoming commonplace in the 21st century home. Plastic and chipboard is replaced with metal and real wood.

Concrete and cement based kitchen worktops are mostly expensive and largely impractical for the demands of the modern kitchen. However, the Gemini Worktops Industrial Collection is designed to reflect the best of the aesthetic appearance of these materials. Whilst also enjoying the unique properties of top worktops that make them so practical. Gemini Quartz Cool Cement is an awesome addition to any industrial design style. With its light colour tones, Cool Cement can expertly complement exposed wood cabinetry.

Industrial Vintage

Vintage = Metallic Rust / Iron Ore

A juxtaposition of authentic materials is a pre-requisite of the Industrial kitchen style. Whether your kitchen style has been created through up-cycling, or individually crafted for you. Through expert use of distressed metal work and joinery, a vintage industrial kitchen will look chic and urban.

What is regarded as one of the top worktops to ensure your industrial design hits all the right notes? This has proven a challenge when attempting to create a vintage industrial kitchen. Until, that was, Gemini Quartz recently launched the Industrial Collection. Gemini Quartz Metallic Rust and Iron Ore are two groundbreaking quartz decors that deliver the true authenticity of rusted metal. Depending on your style, you can choose the slightly more muted and darker Iron Ore. Alternatively Metallic Rust delivers a powerful and dramatic vision of the vintage industrial style.