Sparkle Quartz Worktops


Gemini Quartz Sparkle Collection

Elevate your space with the Gemini Quartz sparkle collection. Sparkle quartz kitchen worktops are achieved by adding mirror chips during the fabrication process. These mirror chips sparkle when they catch the light in your home, creating an elegant, luxurious shimmer. From bright whites and muted tones to deep dark midnight black our sparkle collection will be a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Why choose sparkle quartz?

All quartz has a natural shine that reflects light, however, the Gemini Quartz sparkle collection features icy, reflective mirror pieces throughout adding additional depth and movement to counters.

The small sparkles add a touch of glitz and elegance to any space as the light bounces off your kitchen worktop. Despite its tranquil, magical look, Gemini Quartz sparkle colours are the highest performing, most durable, quality countertops available in the UK.

White sparkle quartz worktops

Fresh, natural, and elegant, a natural white combined with a delicate sparkle is a modern-day classic that can help brightens up any kitchen.

Fast becoming the UK’s most popular kitchen quartz worktop choice, light bounces off the tiny sparkles and really brings your kitchen to life.

Black sparkle quartz worktops

Creating a rich, dramatic, and sophisticated look? Enhance your space with a black kitchen worktop with an opulent sparkling finish.

Black is a timeless colour and topped with sparkly, shiny, flecks will pair perfectly with both modern or traditional kitchens and any colour cabinet.

Find your sparkle

Choose from our range of sparkle quartz worktops and make your kitchen worktop dreams a reality. Remember you can order 3 free quartz worktop samples and request a bespoke quote from our expert worktop consultants.
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