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Say hello to your new favourite marble colours

Say hello to your new favourite marble colours

“We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new Gemini Quartz marble styles. As the demand for marble-inspired quartz colours continues to grow, so too does the requirement to keep finding the perfect and exclusive designs that make our customer’s homes unique. Our designers have taken the task to heart and spent months creating the perfect additions to our 2023 range.” Matt Rotherham, CEO

We have worked alongside our manufacturing partners to design and produce a range of stunning new colours, including our lowest-ever price point for marble quartz. Our Quartz surfaces are the perfect addition to your kitchen design. These new eye-catching designs can be introduced seamlessly into any style, whether classic, contemporary, traditional, or simply a modern kitchen. Our unique collection of work surfaces is sure to give you a kitchen and living space with a visual aesthetic like no other, see Amalfi White for the stunning result.

The five new Gemini Quartz surfaces offer more options for introducing the latest looks into your kitchen design with ease, reflecting trends in kitchen and bathroom design, which are leaning more and more toward natural materials, natural stone, bold patterning and muted, neutral colour palettes, all of which are perfect for creating a kitchen space that offers both functionality and visual appeal.

New Gemini Quartz Marble Colours for 2023

Amalfi White

An enchanting cool white marble quartz with a faint grey mottling throughout to add depth and interest. An exquisite, luxurious finish to any space.

Amalfi White 1

Carrara Michelangelo

We’ve also created our most beautiful ever Michelangelo marble quartz colour. The new Carrara Michelangelo uses the most translucent quartz we’ve ever been able to source and delivers a truly three-dimensional marble colour. The subtle, yet highly recognisable grey pencil veining against a crisp white background adds a sophisticated look to any kitchen.

Carrara Michelangelo 1

We also have two new warmer marble colours in Siena Gold and Calacatta Grand Imperial. These colours are designed to work in complete harmony with natural décor and painted kitchens. Siena Gold is a more subtle and delicate marble quartz, whilst Calacatta Grand Imperial is an out-and-out showstopper.

Calacatta Grand Imperial

Transforming our Calacatta Imperial to create this stunning showstopper for any space. A dramatic, gold veining waves across a contrasting bright white background. A definite wow factor that creates a lasting impression.

Calacatta Imperial 2023 1

Siena Gold

Create a beautiful, naturally elegant space with these stunning warm white tones and delicate, natural nude and gold marble veins.

Siena Gold 1

Aria White

To complete our new range, we have Aria White. For our customers looking for a colour with a bit more drama and movement in the material, this is a perfect choice. The crackled effect of the veining represents the metamorphic process natural marble is formed under and will make your kitchen space look truly spectacular.

Make a statement with this stunning ultra-cool white marble-esque surface, the striking grey veining throughout is complimented by delicate light grey speckles.

Aria White 1

As always, our goal is to be highly selective in our offering. It is our job to curate only the most beautiful and authentic colours, so whatever kitchen style you have chosen there is a perfect choice of stone worktop to enhance your kitchen design. These quartz worksurfaces are sure to take centre stage in your kitchen giving you an eye-catching living space of dreams.

Gemini Quartz marble inspired quartz

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