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Introducing Gemini Solid Surface

Introducing Gemini Solid Surface

We have an exciting new product to share with you. Introducing Gemini Solid Surfaces, our brand-new range of beautiful and versatile worktops. Able to endure intensive fabrication techniques, these innovative surfaces can lend themselves to the most imaginative designs.

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What is Gemini Solid Surface?

Introduced in the 1960s, Solid Surface worktops lend themselves to creative designs, and enduring work surface applications. The material is made from acrylic resin and mineral filler, built around a moisture resistant MDF subframe. These properties, combined with high quality pigments, create unique and beautiful worktops in a vast array colours and patterns.

So, why choose Gemini Solid Surface?

Solid work surfaces are popular worldwide and a great choice for kitchen worktops and here are seven reasons why:


With excellent impact, stain and water resistance, Gemini Solid Surfaces will endure the lifestyle of the busiest homes for years to come.


Gemini Solid surfaces can endure intensive fabrication techniques like thermoforming to create the most imaginative worktop designs.


Solid surfaces are the best for achieving a uniform appearance. This is easily achieved with inconspicuous joints, integrated acrylic sinks, and coved upstands, creating a satisfying seamless look.

Stain Resistant

There are no pours in an acrylic solid worktop. Therefore, it is impossible for a liquid substance to penetrate the surface, making it resistant to stains and marks.


If a solid surface is damaged, it can be easily repaired. Light scratches can be buffed out and major knocks can be refabricated by fusing a new piece of material into the existing surface.


Gemini Solid Surfaces are NSF approved. NSF is a recognised body which approves products that meet stringent Food Safety and Hygiene standards.

Non toxic and non allergenic

Gemini Solid Surface is also a non-toxic material and completely safe for the family home.

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Let’s talk designs

Now the fun part, we’ve curated a beautiful range of colours and designs to suite your interior styles whether that’s modern, traditional or a fusion of the two. From the minimal and the classic to innovative modern colours, Gemini Solid Surfaces offer a wide-ranging choice.

Take a look for yourself:

Gemini Solid Surface: Polar White

Polar White is clean and crisp white solid surface can offer pure minimalism to your kitchen. Whether you want to compliment a minimal colour pallet or create a clean contrast, this colour can be what you want it to be. Team this décor with design choices like coved upstands and moulded sink to create that ultimate seamless effect.

Gemini Solid Surface: Onyx Classic

A décor that delivers the luxury of marble with the benefits of solid surface. A flowing grey pattern streams across a creamy backdrop, gives texture and interest. Apply this surface with down panels and cladding as well as your worktops surface, to create a beautiful flow of marble details.

Gemini Solid Surface: Concrete Tempest

Transcend the old and the new with Concrete Tempest. Created to look like concrete, this solid surface décor delivers a prominent, raw appeal. Make this surface centre stage in your kitchen and it won’t disappoint in turning it into a stylish industrial space.

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