For those who follow Lucy Carter (@lucyjessicacarter) on social media, know that she is a budding interior designer and mother to four young children. In addition to sharing her home life, Lucy’s passions span across fashion, beauty and travel which she shares with her half a million followers.

The last two years have seen Lucy and her husband Jordan re-build and renovate their dream family home which she documents across her home account (@thecartersrenovate). From the design process to selecting the finest materials, Lucy aims to impart her knowledge within the interior design field to inspire others on their renovation journey and offer tips and tricks to help achieve your interior goals. Most recently Lucy has shared her aspirations to create her perfect, family functional kitchen.

Designing Lucy's Kitchen

When designing the heart of their home Lucy was keen to ensure they created visually aesthetic space where memories would be made with their four young children, and their hard work and dedication would shine through. As her project unfolds, Lucy's updates promise to provide an inspiring and insightful look into the creation of her dream kitchen. Her genuine passion for design and her commitment to her family's happiness shines through, making her journey an authentic source of inspiration for anyone seeking to transform their living spaces.

Working closely with Lucy and Jordan, we had the privilege of witnessing their kitchen transformation unfold. Lucy had a clear and distinctive vision for her dream kitchen. She longed for a space that would be aesthetically pleasing and radiate a sense of admiration—an area where she could gather with Jordan and her four children and enjoy the true beauty and effort that she and Jordan had poured into crafting this extraordinary space.

We caught up with Lucy and delved deeper into the project, uncovering the details of her vision and the driving forces behind her design choices and kitchen style. It became evident that her kitchen was more than just a functional space—it reflected their journey, their passion, and their love for creating a home that embodied their unique style and personality.

Tell us about your kitchen project the upgrade and renovation process, and how long did it take?

Our journey began with a simple idea—to extend our house. Little did we know that this initial plan would eventually lead us down a path of complete transformation. As we explored deeper into the possibilities, we became overwhelmed by the potential our home held. With each step forward, we discovered new opportunities to create something truly extraordinary and before we knew it, we were fully committed, ready to embark on a journey of rebuilding and renovation that would leave only two small walls standing as a reminder of what once was.

The decision to go all-in was not made lightly, we knew that it would require a great deal of effort, time, and resources and meant we would be living in a temporary home. However, the vision of turning our house into a true reflection of our dream and lifestyle was too hard to ignore. We began the process of tearing back the layers, ready to breathe new life into our family home.

What was your inspiration behind your kitchen design?

From the beginning, my vision for the kitchen was clear— I wanted a space that was simplistic and modern while embracing the warm and harmonious aesthetic and elements of the Japandi design. I wanted a kitchen where clean lines, natural elements, and a minimalist approach would create a calm and inviting atmosphere. I was keen on creating an organic aesthetic in the space and I thought the Japandi style was the perfect way to do this.

Japandi design is known for its emphasis on light, and this matched my vision perfectly. I wanted big windows throughout the whole house, especially in the kitchen, as this would allow the natural light to flood in. I love the natural materials, and functionality that comes with a Japandi kitchen and I drew inspiration from its clean colour palettes, soothing neutrals, and soft tones. This would create a sense of warmth within the kitchen.

Sola Kitchens

Image Credit: Sola Kitchens

Where is your kitchen from? Tell us more about your kitchen design.

We chose the Magnet Luna kitchen in an elegant matte white finish as the base colour for our kitchen. We wanted to create a modern look in our kitchen and thought that white handless units would be the perfect addition to this. The white showcases a harmonious blend of style and functionality as well as a classic modern design.

With white being the base of the kitchen, it is fresh, and it goes with everything. This simple colour palette will also allow me to make some lovely customisations and pair stunning accessories depending on the season. To infuse our own personal touch and in keeping with the Japandi style we are going to enhance the cabinets by incorporating tasteful wood panelling into the design.

The kitchen will provide a versatile and efficient space for me and my family, so we want to create a timeless design. With its sleek and modern design, this kitchen will become the focal point of our home, and the area in which we will all spend a lot of our time.

While the white units add a sense of purity and cleanliness, the addition of wood panelling will add warmth and texture, which will create a captivating visual contrast. This customisation reflects our desire to infuse natural elements into the space, blending contemporary sophistication with a touch of organic charm. Once added, the wood panelling will beautifully complement the flooring, and the wide wood planks used for the floor will link with the natural elements of the Japandi style and bring the whole design together.

Calacatta Grand Imperial 2

I have always wanted a big kitchen island, and now, finally, we have the ideal space to bring this dream to life. I aimed to create a focal point within the room, an island that would serve as a practical and functional addition and stand as a statement piece that flawlessly connects with the kitchen's aesthetic.

After careful consideration, we settled on a symmetrical linear island design featuring a striking waterfall end, which adds a touch of modern elegance to the overall ambience. To elevate the design further, we selected a beautiful worktop from Gemini Worktops - the Calacatta Grand Imperial quartz. Discovering a surface that perfectly aligned with our design proved to be quite a challenge, but the moment I received the sample from Gemini, I knew it was the one.

The Calacatta Grand Imperial quartz worktop embodies everything I envisioned - complementing the organic look I am aiming for while boasting a timeless quality that ensures its beauty will last for years to come. Its off-white hue, highlighted by captivating veins of gold, radiates a beautiful charm that flawlessly matches the natural elements present in my overall design.

Get the look with Calacatta Grand Imperial

Calacatta Grand Imperial Calacatta Grand Imperial

Calacatta Grand Imperial

Gemini Quartz

from £480/sqm

from £288/sqm

Are there any other additions you are having in your kitchen?

While the main elements of a kitchen undoubtedly hold importance, it's often the subtle details that truly set a kitchen apart. Recognising this, we wholeheartedly embraced the idea of incorporating small touches that would enhance the overall appeal of our kitchen space. Inspired by our love of the Calacatta Grand Imperial quartz, we made the decision to extend its presence beyond the island.

To ensure a cohesive and seamless design, we opted to use the Calacatta Grand Imperial quartz as a windowsill, as well as a full-length splashback along the back wall. This choice not only adds a touch of elegance and continuity to the space but also serves as a gentle reminder of the breath taking beauty that resides within our kitchen.

In addition to these features, we sought to incorporate the quartz into a pantry, utilising it as a sleek and cohesive shelf. By incorporating quartz into this functional element, we ensure that every corner of our kitchen has a harmonious aesthetic, creating a sense of unity and refinement throughout the space.

To complement this design, we selected the AXIX sink, which again, seamlessly incorporates the Calacatta Grand Imperial quartz with a gold base. This intentional choice further enhances the visuals and creates a sense of balance and elegance within the kitchen. Complementing the sink, we opted for a 1810 tap also finished in gold, ensuring a perfect match that ties all the elements together with a touch of elegance.

Calacatta Gold Superior

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What are you most looking forward to doing in the kitchen once it’s all finished/what will you spend the most time doing in the kitchen once all finished?

I am excited to see the finished kitchen and the end result! I can already imagine the fun I am going to have switching up the decor to match the changing seasons, decorating the space with fresh flowers and other charming accents.

Without a doubt, I will be dedicating a significant portion of my time to cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. And let's not forget the constant demand for snacks from four ever-hungry kids—my cooking skills will certainly be put to the test. But amidst the hustle and bustle, I know that this space will be a sanctuary of warmth, creativity, and endless possibilities, it truly will become the heart of our home.

What appealed to you about Gemini / How did you find out about Gemini?

My introduction to Gemini came through Google. Countless evenings were spent researching quartz and marble, trying to determine the perfect choice for our kitchen. It was a tough decision to make, as I found myself drawn to the captivating charm of marble and its natural beauty. However, practicality also played a significant role in my selection process, especially considering the busy household with four lively kids.

The thought of maintaining and preserving marble's pristine condition seemed like a daunting task. That's when I came across Gemini, and I instantly knew I had found the ideal solution. What impressed me most was the variety of quartz options they offered. Not only did they have quartz that closely resembled genuine marble, with its dramatic and eye-catching appearance, but they also catered to those seeking a simpler, more understated look.

After careful consideration, I found myself gravitating towards a quartz design that struck a perfect balance between these two extremes - an elegant choice that perfectly suited my preferences. Ultimately, I found a middle ground that combined the timeless elegance of marble with the practicality and low maintenance of quartz—a decision that promises to bring both beauty and functionality to our kitchen for years to come.

After completing her template appointment, Lucy is now eagerly awaiting installation day for her kitchen transformation. We are all so excited to see how her unique vision and style have been seamlessly woven into the finished product. So, stay tuned as we look forward to showcasing the stunning transformation of Lucy's kitchen.

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