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Five years in the making: Sameera shares her dream kitchen Part 1

Five years in the making: Sameera shares her dream kitchen Part 1

Meet Sameera Stern-Gillet, a digital creator and interior influencer who regularly shares her home design and interior stylings on Instagram (@21_holmfield). Recently, Sameera embarked on a kitchen renovation project in her Victorian home, where she has lived for five years. Finally ready to bring her kitchen dreams to life, Sameera is taking her followers on a journey through the creative process and transformation of her beloved home.

Interior design has always been a passion of Sam’s and over the years she has been able to showcase her love of all things interior into her home and now it was finally time for her to bring her dream kitchen to life.

After years of imagining it, Sam was ready to turn her dreams into reality. Bursting with ideas and designs, she began the planning phase for her long-awaited renovations. Focused on creating a spacious open-plan kitchen for her family's enjoyment, Sam aimed to tailor every detail to suit their lifestyle. From socialising and spending time with family and friends to cooking and tackling daily tasks, an open-plan kitchen was the perfect fit for the needs of Sam and her loved ones.

A plan of the kitchen

Timeless Shaker Style

Eager to blend the traditional charm of her Victorian home with a contemporary twist, Sam set out to design a space that seamlessly merged classic and modern elements. Opting for the timeless Shaker style and in-frame cupboards was a straightforward decision, as it perfectly complemented the traditional aesthetic she adored.

The renovation, including an extension with patio doors opening up to the garden, played a fundamental role in shaping her colour palette. Sam's vision was to embrace natural light and seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors, which helped to influence her colour scheme, choosing Studio Green from Farrow and Ball.

Sameera's Shaker Style Kitchen

Choosing a Gemini Quartz colour

When deciding on her Gemini Worktop Sam was torn. Initially drawn to surfaces with a marble design, such as Arabescato, Calacatta Bianco Superior, and Calacatta Gold Superior, she wanted a statement surface that offered a dramatic look without overpowering her overall design.

Though initially inclined towards Calacatta Gold Superior to harmonise with her brass accessories, Sam found herself changing her mind when she received the free worktop samples. A visit to our York showroom and the sight of the large slab led her to fall in love with Calacatta Bianco Superior.

She favoured its white background with darker veins, believing it would complement her design better. Sam found the timeless drama and natural beauty of this marble design appealing, confident that it would withstand the test of time in her kitchen.

Get the look with Gemini Worktops

A blend of 20mm and 30mm quartz

In the finishing stages of her kitchen design, Sam recognised the fundamental role that the worktops will play in bringing her kitchen vision to life. By blending both traditional and modern aesthetics, she made a deliberate choice of selecting both 20mm and 30mm thickness for her worktops. This strategic decision allowed for a subtle approach, incorporating 20mm thickness for the worktops surrounding the perimeter of her kitchen and elevating the island with a substantial 30mm thickness.

The thoughtful allocation of thicker worktops to the island provided Sam with a canvas to explore more daring edge profiles, a creative flourish that would make the central element of her kitchen truly stand out. Embracing the traditional aspect of her design, Sam opted for an ogee edge profile. This classic choice not only aligned perfectly with the timeless charm she wanted, but also added an extra layer of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

Cgi render of Sameera's kitchen

Sam's creative flair extended beyond the selection of worktops; she wanted to infuse quartz into various elements of her kitchen design, weaving a seamless thread of cohesion throughout the space.

The introduction of quartz cladding and splashbacks, coupled with a matching quartz shelf, further enhanced her design, creating a unified and visually appealing aesthetic that carried through various elements of the kitchen.

This thoughtful approach not only elevated the overall design but also demonstrated Sam's commitment to infusing a harmonious and creative flair into every part of her kitchen.

Sam's meticulous consideration of the worktop thickness, edge profile and placement, demonstrates her commitment to creating a kitchen that not only meets her functional needs but also serves as a visual testament to her unique fusion of classic and contemporary design elements.

CGI render of Sameera's kitchen

What's next in Sam's worktop journey?

After our specialist Worktop Designer Richard finalised the worktop design, our skilled professional surveyor, Craig meticulously templated her space to ensure a perfect fit.

The bespoke worktop drawings will be passed into production and Sam's bespoke worktops manufactured in our state-of-the-art UK factory, ready to be fitted by our expert team of stone worktop installers.

We are excited to be part of Sam's journey, and we can’t wait to see her kitchen transformation.

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