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The floating shelf brackets are made of high-strength steel designed specifically for Gemini Worktops, and they are designed to support the weight of the shelves and the domestic items placed on them.

The main advantage of a floating shelf bracket kitchen design is the clean and uncluttered look it provides. Because the brackets are hidden from view, there are no visible supports to detract from the aesthetic appeal of the shelves or the overall kitchen design. Additionally, floating shelves can be used to create extra storage space in the kitchen, while taking up minimal floor space.

We courier the brackets to co-ordinate with your kitchen installation project to enable them to be fitted ahead of your worktop template. The brackets come with installation instructions for your kitchen fitter to use. Brackets should be fixed using screws to masonry walls, or for stud walls, brackets must fix to the timber frame in order for the shelf to be installed.

The shelves are fitted by our professional worktop installation team. We use a worktop colour matching adhesive to the bottom of the brackets to provide an unobtrusive finish to the underside of the shelf.

Floating shelves come in two sizes; either a 150mm width or 300mm width shelf size. Brackets are required for every 600mm of shelf length and must be supported at both ends.