We caught up with interior design enthusiast, content creator and owner of @samanthajoyhome Instagram page where she's currently documenting her renovation journey.

Samantha Joy explains her kitchen design and what inspired her to create a charming country kitchen. Despite having a smaller galley kitchen area to work with, Samantha had a clear vision of her desired kitchen design.

For her project, Samantha opted for our popular Capri White surface, known for its stunning features. This surface has a white background and is brought to life through natural dark grey veins that have all the hallmarks of Italian marble. This kitchen radiates a unique charm and warmth offering all the classic elements of a country kitchen.

Samantha's objective was to create a space that seamlessly combined the timeless elements of a shaker-style kitchen with a touch of classic country charm. We asked Samantha about her experience with Gemini and the design must-haves that were essential for her kitchen design.

What type of project/renovation are you undertaking? Is it a full new kitchen or a revamp?

We are in the process of renovating our current kitchen, which has become outdated over the years. Despite its limited size, I firmly believe that with the right design choices, this space can make an impact!

What inspired you to create a new kitchen?

Our primary goal was to incorporate our personal style into the heart of our home and create a kitchen that would be a nice gathering spot for our families and friends. Previously, our kitchen lacked character, it was bland and dark and didn’t feel very luxurious.

However, through our renovation efforts, we have created the complete opposite. The space has been utterly transformed into a bright and airy space that we absolutely adore being in. It has become a space where we thoroughly enjoy spending quality time.

What style kitchen have you gone for? And Why?

Given the limited size of our kitchen, we dedicated significant time to planning and designing to maximise the functionality of the space. Our new kitchen showcases a timeless, traditional inframe shaker design in the delightful hue of 'Mussel' from DIY Kitchens.

This warm beige tone adds a welcoming touch to the overall look. Complementing the aesthetics, we opted for an OPUS pattern limestone tile flooring, which enhances the modern country kitchen style we aimed to achieve.

To optimise storage space, we integrated a stunning worktop pantry with a depth of 40mm, resulting in a small but practical worktop space in front of it. We had a rustic Belfast sink installed in front of the window which adds a charming feel to the kitchen. This was definitely a must for the kitchen, it’s something I had always dreamed of having!

The quartz material used for the kitchen worktop extends seamlessly onto the windowsill, as well as upstands and a splashback, creating a visually pleasing and seamless look throughout the space.

How did you hear about Gemini?

We spent a lot of time researching affordable but quality materials for the kitchen renovation, including where to source our quartz. Ultimately, we came across Gemini on Instagram - we had seen Gemini Quartz being featured in lots of beautiful homes and the reviews were really good.

Following a call with a worktop designer we received our samples which really helped to narrow down the selection as we were unable to visit the showroom. I have a large following myself on Instagram and often get questions about costs and sources, so it is great to be able to share my research and recommendations with the home and interior community over there.

Why did you choose your worktop colour /style?

For our quartz worktops, we opted for the elegant Capri White quartz in a sleek 20mm thickness with a refined bevel edge. Considering the size of our kitchen, we desired a thinner quartz surface to create a sleek and sophisticated appearance, giving the space a more expensive aesthetic.

A thicker quartz slab might have overwhelmed the area, so the 20mm quartz thickness struck the perfect balance, and this choice was also advantageous from a cost perspective.

The Capri White quartz features a touch of subtlety with its gentle veining, which resonated with our preference for a design that is neither overly detailed nor completely plain white.

Capri White Quartz Worktop

What is your favourite thing about your worktop?

The Capri White quartz has a luxurious and premium appearance, which elevates the overall look of our kitchen. Its timeless charm complements the existing units and style we had in mind helping to create a balanced and visually appealing look.

The stunning appeal of Capri White ensures that our kitchen keeps a timeless elegance that will withstand changing design trends, making it a great choice if we change our colour scheme. The addition of this quartz within our kitchen further enhances the high-end and expensive look, adding value and charm to the space.

Gemini is proud to be a part of Samantha Joy’s renovation journey, working together to bring her country-inspired kitchen to life.

Our commitment is to assist customers like Samantha in crafting their ideal kitchens and turning their creative visions into reality.

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