Ever wondered what goes on in the factory where your kitchen worktops are manufactured? All our Gemini worktops are manufactured at our UK state-of-the-art fabrication site, spanning across 60,000 sq. ft.

Located in Middlesborough, we combine advanced CNC technology and the most experienced stone masons to create our beautiful worktops with a hand finished quality.

As the only company in the UK that designs, sources, makes and installs our own stone surfaces, we are in a unique position to offer you quality and value at the highest standards.

We recently caught up with the head of manufacturing, Mark, who gave us an insight into the process and his role at the factory.

Meet Mark Dennis, our Head of Manufacturing

When did you join Gemini and how has your role progressed over the years?

I’ve worked for the family businesses on and off for almost 2 decades now, covering a multiple roles and numerous promotions. After a brief move, I rejoined Gemini Worktops in August 2022.

This marked the beginning of an exciting chapter here at Gemini Worktops as we focused on enhancing quality and efficiency within our manufacturing processes. Initially tasked with facilitating Gemini's standards within manufacturers' facilities and leading continuous improvements, my role soon evolved. With a big focus on innovation and new product developments from a factory standpoint, I was to ensure all new items and ideas were fit for manufacture and are repeatable to our exacting quality standards.

Today, I’m now Head of Manufacturing, solely focused on ensuring our customer receive the highest quality surfaces from the factories at the correct time.

Tell us about your typical day at the factory?

One of the most enticing aspects of my role is its dynamic nature. Each day brings forth a unique set of challenges and opportunities. It typically commences with a brief stand-up meeting at the factory, where we review previous production, plan for the day ahead, and address any concerns collaboratively. This open dialogue fosters transparency and ensures alignment across the team.

Following this, I engage with the Operational team to assess key performance indicators and address any immediate issues. The remainder of the day is dedicated to supporting our operational frameworks, adding value to our customers, and strategizing for future developments.

What is the typical process a customer’s worktop go through in the factory?

In our factory, the journey of a customer's worktop begins with the issuance of drawings and meticulous planning. Material selection follows, with thorough checks conducted to ensure conformity before sawing.

Once selected, raw slabs are cut precisely into bespoke pieces, guided by digital templates crafted by our expert templating teams. These pieces then undergo edge polishing and machining using state-of-the-art CNC systems, highlighting our commitment to precision and efficiency.

Factory Story 2 1

After manufacturing, the worktops undergo a rigorous inspection by our Finishing and Quality Team, who meticulously compare them to templated plans and refine any sharp edges for a superior tactile experience. Only after every piece has undergone individual quality checks are they handed over to our Dispatch team.

Here, edge protection is applied, and the worktops are loaded onto purpose-built transportation A frames for distribution across the UK to our Worksurface Installation Experts, ensuring seamless delivery and installation for our valued customers.

Factory Story 1

How do we ensure quality control across our production?

Quality control is ingrained within our processes, with every team member taking ownership of their role and the products they manufacture. We ensure that every piece is correct before it leaves the factory, ensuring the highest quality. We actively seek feedback from installation teams and of course our customers, enabling us to identify areas for improvement proactively. This culture of continuous improvement fosters pride and craftsmanship across the workshop floor.

Fun fact, our manufacturing teams love scrolling through our tagged images on Instagram to spot the beautiful worktops they carefully crafted the week prior. It’s so rewarding to see our work in a customer’s home and therefore we appreciate all the customers that take the time to take and share these images.

What is involved in producing a standard kitchen worktop order?

For us here at Gemini there is no standard kitchen size or design. Due to the bespoke nature of our product, every order varies from another. As we love to enhance a kitchen design and make a stone statement for our customers it’s often, we’re producing 6-10 individual pieces of varying shapes and sizes per kitchen. This includes upstands, splashbacks, waterfall edges and islands. Already we’re set up to make over 1,000 individual pieces per week, and with huge investment and efficiencies coming into practise, we’re constantly looking to increase capacity within the factory, bringing more customer’s visions to life.

Factory Story 1

What is your favourite thing about your role?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is the opportunity to make a positive difference. Whether it's empowering our staff, collaborating with partners, or delighting our customers with exceptional products, every interaction contributes to a collective journey of excellence.

At Gemini, we’re on a mission to redefine quality standards within our industry across product, price, and service, and the manufacturing journey is no different. We draw on our long tradition of innovation and exceptional craftsmanship to create the world’s most exquisite stone surfaces, characterised by quality, continuous improvement, and a commitment to making an impact within the kitchen industry

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