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Gemini Solid Surface Design Options

Material Thickness

Choose from different material thicknesses to give your kitchen worktops the exact look you require.

Gemini Solid Surface comes in two standard thicknesses; 24mm and 38mm. A 12mm solid Solid Surface sheet is used to build up the worktop thickness, with a moisture resistant MDF lattice subframe providing rigidity and stability. Gemini Solid Surface can also be specfied at deeper thicknesses on request.

12 24 Subframe

12/24mm with MDF subframe

12-38 Sub frame

12/38mm with MDF subframe

12-50 Subframe

12/50-100mm with MDF subframe

Edge Profiles

For a truly bespoke finish, consider a special edge profile. All our worktops are specified with a double bevel edge profile as standard which comes free of charge. However, consider an upgrade to any of special edge profile for that truly personalized touch.


Square Polish

Single Bevel

Single Bevel

Single Pencil

Single Pencil

Double Bevel

Double Bevel

Double Pencil

Double Pencil


Concorde (24mm only)


Sharksnose (24mm only)


There are now a huge array of sinks to suit any kitchen design and style. We can accomodate any sink you may have chosen, whilst we also offer a high quality range of our own sinks.


Undermount sinks sit beneath the Solid surface, offering a practical and designer finish.

Gemini Quartz Marble Collection

AXIX sinks are undermount sinks, but with the added benefit of having the sink walls finished with the same material as the worktop. This creates a true premium look to your kitchen


Overmount sinks (also known as inset sinks) can provide a practical finish to your kitchen worktops with a range of modern designs now available


Belfast sinks (also known as farmhouse sinks) are an ever-popular option, especially in busy and active kitchens where a larger sink is required.

Sink Grooves

Sink Grooves are a neat addition to any solid surface worktop design. They help aerate glasses as well as capture excess water around the sink area.

Sink Grooves

4 Sink Grooves Straight

5 Sink Grooves

5 Sink Grooves Straight

Angled Sink Grooves

Sink Grooves Angled

Sink Recesses

Sink Recesses create a sleek designer look to your kitchen worktop, whilst providing great functionality in providing an area that will capture excess water from plates and glasses.

Flat Recessed Drainer


Full Flat Recessed Drainer

Full Flat

Sloping Recessed Drainer


Hob Cut Outs

All hobs will require a cut out into the worktop. Some models may be designed to fit flush with the worktop, in which case a rebated hob cut out is required. Hob bars and grooves help protect the worktops from extreme heat when a pan or pot comes straight off the hob.

Sink Cut Out

Hob Cut Out

Rebated Cut out

Rebated Hob Cut Out

Hob Bar Groove

Hob Grooves and Bars


There are now a huge array of taps to suit any kitchen design and style.


1810 Taps come in a variety of contemporary and classic designs which all come with a Neoperl Aerator, providing a non splash creamy flow.

Flex 6

Quooker Taps provide purified, boiling water in an instant. Energy efficient, safe, space saving and versatile.


Solid Surface worktops are made to your exact design, and so can incorporate any type of shaping to match the kitchen cabinets or create design features on your island or breakfast bar

Softened Corner

Softened Corner


Small Curve

Small Corner

11mm-100mm radius

Large Curve

Large Corner

100mm+ radius

Double Round

Double Round

Internal Corner

Half Breakfront

Full Breakfront

Double Notch

Triple Notch

Windowcill Returns

Breakfast Bars

It is increasingly popular to extend the worktops to create a breakfast bar or island overhang. This is a neat addition where you can create a bar seating area, increasing the social and practical space within the kitchen. There are some important features to consider to ensure that the worktops remain adequately supported as well as finished in the most suitable style.

Smooth Underside

Unsupported Overhang

Breakfast Bar Leg Support Preparation

Breakfast Bar Bracket Support Preparation

Smooth Underside

Smooth Underside

Solid Underside

Drop Down End Panels

Drop down end panels are a highly cost-effective way to make your kitchen stand out. Returning the Solid surface surfaces from the worktops down to the floor on the end of a run of cabinets or on a breakfast bar or island gives a fantastic desginer finish. Choose from different jointing finishes to create the perfect look and feel for your worktops.
Drop down end panels are decorative and not designed as structural support for your worktops. 24mm thick worktops must back onto a kitchen d├ęcor panel.


Mitred – Standard

Mitred – Matching Veining

Birds Beak

Set Back


Upstands are an excellent choice for completing the design of the worktops, especially if you are planning on having painted walls behind the worktops. They will create a water tight barrier between the worktops and the wall finish, and provide an visually satisfying finish to the look of the worktops design.
Upstands can be specified from 50mm to 200mm height and have a maximum length of 3000mm without a joint. Upstands are 12mm standard thickness.

Gemini Quartz Highland White


Where you have a hob or range cooker up against a wall, it is recommended that you have a splashback. The splashback is a piece of material that will typically reach the height of the extractor fan from the worktop above the cooking appliance. A splashback provides a hygienic and easy clean finsh to a high usage area of the kitchen.
If your splashback butts up against an extractor, then shaping may be required to create a perfect fit. If your extractor fits over the splashback then there may need to be small holes cut to allow for fixings. Splashbacks are 12mm standard thickness.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a great way to add increased wow factor into your kitchen design. Wall cladding can be used to cover the whole area between the worktop surface and the wall cabinets, or could also go from floor to ceiling if you choose.
You can co-ordinate the colour of the cladding to match the worktop or alternatively choose a contrasting colour for added impact. Electrical socket cut outs can be specified to allow as many electrical socket connections as you require. Wall cladding is 12mm standard thickness.

Window Cills

Window cills typically offer the finishing touch to your kitchen project. They add the extra element of bespoke design, whilst also providing practical benefits of being easy to clean and maintain.
Window cills are 12mm standard thickness.


Choose from a range of accessories that will complete your worktop design.

Chopping Board

Wireless Charger

Pan Support

Breakfast Bar Legs

Breakfast Bar Bracket

Electrical Sockets

Electrical socket cut outs can be specified on cladding or drop-down end panels to allow as many electrical socket connections as you require. Pop-up sockets can be specified on worktops and are a popular addition on breakfast bars or islands

Electric Socket Cut Out

Socket cut out

Pop-Up Socket

Pop Up Socket