We recently caught up with soap star, Sair Khan, as she reveals her brand-new kitchen, before the arrival of her new baby. 

When we last spoke to Sair, herself and partner Nathan were in the middle of a huge renovation, on a journey to transform their recently purchased home into the perfect place for their growing family. With this at the heart of the kitchen design Sair and Nathan were excited to create a space that reflected their design choices and a place that would soon become the backdrop for their daily lives. 

Sair shares more about her experience with Gemini, reveals her finished kitchen and favourite parts of the worktop design

Sair's kitchen underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a bright space where every detail radiates beauty and allure. At the heart of her vision stood the Calacatta Gold Superior worktops, their glossy finish capturing and reflecting light was the perfect contrast against her dark cabinets. 

Sair couldn't contain her excitement as the installation took place, thrilled to bits with the impeccable craftsmanship and how the quartz worktops effortlessly elevated the entire space. "Better than I could have imagined," marvelling at the seamless integration of her new worktops that were the final piece of the puzzle for her kitchen design.

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But it wasn't just the worktops that stole the spotlight. The splashback, carefully chosen to add drama to the kitchen, filled the room with a sense of beauty and style. And then there were the subtle yet significant details - the windowsill and trim, carefully crafted to complement the aesthetic. This added extra not only optimised the available space but also provided a clear line of sight to the garden and created a frame for the outside view – the initial reason the pair fell in love with the property. 

One of the most striking features, however, was the small waterfall effect on the kitchen worktops, a masterful touch that created a consistent and sleek design, seamlessly merging form and function- on the cabinets of different heights. 

As Sair stepped back to admire the space, she couldn't help but feel a sense of awe, a meticulously curated kitchen now stood as a testament to her and Nathan's hard work and unwavering dedication to creating the perfect home for their growing family. 

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Prioritising an L-shape, open layout without clutter was paramount for them, especially with a new baby on the way. From the beginning they envisioned a space where their growing family could thrive, and their child could freely explore and play without bumping into furniture or obstructions. 

The emphasis on creating a child-friendly environment guided their kitchen design and was the reason in maintaining a clean, uncluttered design scheme in their open space. From the spacious kitchen to the adjoining living area, every aspect of the layout was carefully considered to promote a sense of freedom and ease for their family. 

Sairs kitchen 1

As they eagerly await their Spring arrival, they found comfort in knowing that the kitchen renovation was complete, and their home would provide the perfect backdrop for countless cherished moments as they begin this next chapter in their lives. 

From all of the Gemini team, a huge congratulations and thank you for sharing your renovation with us. We’re so happy we got to be part of your kitchen transformation and hope all three of you have years of memories created in your special place.

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