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Gemini Solid Surface Advantages

Limitless Designs

Gemini Solid Surface is an ideal worktops material that combines elegant looks with high performance durability and practicality. Create your one-of-a-kind kitchen with the endless design possibilities of Gemini Solid Surface. 

Inconspicuous Joins

Gemini Solid Surface can be fabricated with inconspicuous joints helping create a seamless worksurface appearance.


Sink bowls made from moulded acrylic seamlessly integrate into the worktop to create a uniform appearance.


Gemini Solid Surface can be thermoformed to create designs of unlimited imagination.

Made to last

Gemini Solid Surface is manufactured using advanced technologies developed specifically to produce high performance residential and commercial surfaces. It is non-porous, resistant to heat and moisture and completely renewable.

Stain Resistant

Gemini Solid Surface is a non-porous surface and very resistant to stains of coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar; make-up and lots of products of daily use.


Remarkably easy to live with, Gemini Solid Surface is typically fabricated with a silky semi matt finish that takes on the ambient room temperature.


Gemini Solid Surface worktops are renewable meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary and mild household abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad, or through a professional restoration service.

Perfect Fit


Laser Templating

State-of-the-art laser templating machines are used to take a perfect measurement of your worktops.


CNC Technology

The latest and most sophisticated CNC saw and router machines will cut and shape your worktops to your exact design.

Gemini Worktops

Hand Finishing

No Gemini worktop is complete without one of our traditionally trained craftsmen providing the finishing touch.


Expert Installation

We have the most experienced and friendly installation teams who always ensure the perfect fit for your worktops.

Peace of mind


25 Year Warranty

Gemini Solid Surface warranty covers the product against manufacturing defects for a period of 25 years.


Non Toxic

Gemini Solid Surface is an inert and non-toxic material


Safe and hygienic

Gemini Solid Surface is a non-porous material and therefore does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi. Includes option of coved upstands for added hygienic performance.

Exceptional Service