We recently had the pleasure of working with Sameera, a digital content creator, on helping her bring her kitchen vision to life. After 5 years in the making, Sameera finally has the perfect kitchen for her and her family. With a busy household every material and every design choice needed to be life-proof, standing the test of time - particularly in her kitchen, the heart of the home whereas a family they will cook, clean, craft and socialise for years to come.

Here is what Sameera had to say about her experience with Gemini Worktops.

We have been with Sameera every step of the way in her renovation journey – from ordering samples to her visit to the York showroom, and through the template, manufacturing and installation.

Witnessing Sameera's kitchen vision come to life, fuelled by her passion for interior design and love for all things home, has been inspiring to watch. Throughout 2023, Sam undertook this impressive project, renovating their Victorian family home, highlighting her dedication from the initial design stages to the meticulous selection of top-quality materials.

Sam's commitment to sharing her interior design journey is an inspiration, emphasising that dreaming it can lead to achieving it! She actively shares her newly renovated kitchen, highlighting the beautiful elements that make it the heart of the home. Sam recounts her experience with Gemini worktops, acknowledging our contribution to the creation of her perfect, family-functional kitchen after a dedicated 5-year effort.

If you have not yet read, you can read part one to see where her journey started.

Quartz Worktop manufacturing

A contrasting surface

Right from the beginning, Sam had a distinct vision for her kitchen aesthetic, aligning it with the Victorian style of her home. Desiring a connection between the interior and the natural surroundings, she opted for earthy colours that mirrored the outdoors visible through the sliding doors in her open-plan space overlooking the garden.

Sam aimed to strike a balance between luxury and practicality in her kitchen design. Originally, she favoured Calacatta Gold Superior and Calacatta Bianco Superior quartz, she deliberated between gold and grey tones to complement her chosen Farrow and Ball colour, Studio Green.

Sam recognised that the deep green shade required a contrasting surface to make it stand out, leading her to the decision that light worktops, particularly the dark vein of our Calacatta Bianco Superior, would perfectly suit her kitchen design.

Calacatta Bianco Superior Calacatta Bianco Superior

Calacatta Bianco Superior

Gemini Quartz

from £560/sqm

from £336/sqm

Calacatta Gold Superior Calacatta Gold Superior

Calacatta Gold Superior

Gemini Quartz

from £560/sqm

from £336/sqm

Quartz Worktop installation

As a mother juggling the demands of two boys and family life, Sam aimed for a spacious and functional area that promoted quality family time.

Her vision for the kitchen extended beyond reflecting her lively personality; she wanted to capture the Victorian elegance characteristics in her home, creating a space that is truly the heart of their household. The bold colour palette chosen contributes to Sam's dream of having a kitchen that is both striking and beautiful.

“At the end of the day, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we spend a lot of time in ours, so we wanted it to be perfect.”

Calacatta Bianco Superior Quartz

It is all in the details

Sam dreamt of having a spacious kitchen with a stunning kitchen island as the centrepiece. This would not only serve as a practical and functional addition but also make a bold statement in harmony with the kitchen's overall aesthetic.

After much deliberation on the design features of her kitchen Sam knew she wanted a minimalist yet statement space. Opting for an ogee edge on her kitchen island would add the traditional aesthetic to her big island.

Calacatta Bianco Superior Quartz Worktops

A matching quartz floating shelf and splashback were the perfect additions to create a sleek and sophisticated space. The BORA hob was a must have due to her busy family life and love of cooking. With an integrated extractor fan in the centre of the hob adds to the minimalist look that Sam was keen to achieve. No detail was spared in the kitchen design, he considered everything not just from a beauty perspective but also practicality for a busy family home including popup sockets, hot water tap and even an integrated wine cooler into the island surface.

At Gemini we offer a range of design options to suit your space, and these can be discussed at the design stage with one of our worktop consultants.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about everything I wanted in the kitchen, how to make sure there was space for everything to make sure we created that worked well for us as a family.”

Marble effect Quartz Worktops

Designed for a lifetime of memories

Sam’s kitchen has undergone an incredible transformation, reflecting her passion for interior design, her devotion to her family, and her unwavering commitment to creating a space that truly reflects her vision.

From the very beginning, Sam had a clear goal of crafting a traditional, practical luxury kitchen that would serve as the heart of her home. Sam’s kitchen story is not just about a beautifully designed space; it is about the love, care, and passion she poured into every detail, making it the perfect environment for her family to cherish for years to come.

Being part of Sam’s renovation journey and helping to create her dream kitchen for her and her family is what Gemini strive to do, helping customers create their perfect kitchens and bring their visions to life.

We cannot wait to see Sameera and her family enjoy their Gemini Quartz worktops for years to come.

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