Meet Danielle, a loving interior and renovation enthusiast, whose love for all things home surpasses the ordinary. Guided by an unwavering vision and an eye for untapped potential, Danielle embarked on a transformative journey on a neglected, unloved cottage, tucked away in the countryside. What others saw as a derelict shell of a home, Danielle saw as a canvas for her creativity and ingenuity. 

Through her meticulous planning, dedicated efforts and a 4-year wait, she breathed new life into every corner, weaving together elements of rustic charm and modern elegance. Join Danielle on her journey as she shares the captivating narrative of her cottage's transformation on her Instagram @tales_of_Olivers_cottage, one inspired detail at a time. 

We caught up with Danielle to see how Gemini brought her kitchen vision to life.


Tell us more about your project at Olivers Cottage.

When we arrived to Olivers Cottage the whole house was dark and dingy! It was extremely dated and had moth eaten carpets and Ivy growing in through the windows! The outside looked like an overgrown jungle and so we had a big task ahead. It was real strip out and start again job, but luckily all cosmetic and not structural. 

We always knew that we wanted to renovate the kitchen, but we waited four years before starting the works. We lived with it looking very ugly for a long time! The beauty of waiting was that we had time to think of the design and how we would best use the space. My dream was to create a country, cottage kitchen and for the room to be in keeping with the rest of our cottage decor. I hoped to achieve a timeless, classic, and elegant looking space. 

What have you enjoyed most about your kitchen renovation project?

The satisfaction and pride that has come with every task completed and knowing that we have done it all ourselves. It's an extremely rewarding feeling. Funnily enough, the kitchen was never a room that I had been overly enthusiastic about transforming, but as time went on and I began searching for the items to fill it, I had a whole new appreciation for the space, and I started to really enjoy the transformation process.

Siena Gold Quartz in a Cottage Kitchen

What made you chose Gemini Quartz, Siena Gold. Were there any other contenders?

Up until the last minute I initially had my eye on Capri White. I noticed as the Spring light was returning and changing throughout the cottage, that my choice slightly clashed with the cabinetry colour and so I decided something with more warmth was needed.

After ordering more samples and taking time to look at them at various times of the day to see how they appeared in different lights, I fell in love with Siena Gold. I loved the hues of Siena Gold, the beige tones to it and the beautiful marble effect running through it. 

Of the samples, it was a clear winner and compliments our kitchen tones perfectly.

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Now your beautiful kitchen is complete, how will you be using the space?

Although I'm not much of a cook, I am excited to spend more time in the room and appreciate what we have achieved. The kitchen has lovely views of our cottage gardens and so simple things, like having a coffee in the new space and making breakfast together on the weekends brings us happiness. 

We have been excited to host more dinner parties for friends and family too. It's the first room we all seem to congregate in and it's a sociable area. The light in the room bounces off the beautiful worktops and everyone always compliments how bright it feels. It's a huge change for our home.

Siena Gold Marble Effect Quartz

Were there any challenges you’ve experienced when renovating?

Everything in the cottage is a bit wobbly, and so fitting the cabinetry has been hard and making sure everything was level. Due to the lower ceiling height of the room, we have had to alter the length of some of the cupboards and I was worried that we may make expensive mistakes when it came to sawing them! There were some panicky moments, but I'm glad to report that we pulled it off. It was rare that anything was easy to do in this room, so attention to detail was needed.

What advice would you give to anyone renovating or thinking of starting a big kitchen project?

I would say not to rush into big decisions, take your time to decide on the layout, the style, the finishes. Think how you will use the space, where will you cook, wash up, how many cupboards do you need, how much work surface is required etc. It can be extremely exciting to get started full steam ahead, but planning and then planning some more will be the best thing you do. 

Looking at lots of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest is a real help. Create a vision board and play around with ideas. Choosing quality products, which will stand the test of time is important and this is one of the key reasons we chose Gemini's quartz worktops for our kitchen. If you're doing all the works yourself, know that it will be challenging, some days it will look like little progress has been made and other days, lots. The hard work and effort will be worth it for the result. 

After speaking to Danielle, her vision was clear - a transformation to restore the hidden charm. Armed with determination and a deep appreciation for the beauty hidden beneath the worn surfaces, Danielle embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe new life into this unloved cottage, turning it into a picturesque country cottage, and we can’t believe the transformation!

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