With Calacatta Gold Superior a firm favourite with our customers we wanted to showcase another kitchen design! We caught up with interior stylist Loz who has incorporated our Calacatta Gold Superior worktops into her kitchen design, combining the timeless classics of gold and brass alongside black contrasting units.

Loz and Matt recently had a pizza party with their family and friends, a gathering that not only celebrated their love of hosting but also showcased the durability and practicality of their new Gemini Quartz worktops. The quartz surfaces proved to be not only stylish and a taking point amongst friends but also durable and functional - the perfect place to gather and host.

Loz has dedicated time and hard work to creating her dream kitchen and we delve deeper into her design and the reason for her chosen style.

Why did you choose Calacatta Gold Superior?

Whilst looking for the perfect worktop material, we discovered Calacatta Gold Superior and found ourselves instantly drawn to it. Its warm tones provided the ideal backdrop for our design aspirations, offering a seamless blend of sophistication and versatility.

We wanted a neutral and timeless quartz with warm undertones as this would not only contrast the black units but complement the brass handles and accessories. This choice allowed us to create a space that not only stood the test of time but also exuded a welcoming feel, striking the perfect balance in our kitchen space.

Calacatta Gold Superior Quartz Worktops with sink

What is your favourite part of the kitchen?

There are so many parts of the kitchen we love, but one of the standout features is the quartz shelf along the back wall. Not only does it add the finishing touch, but it also proves to be a practical solution for frequently used items. Plus, it is a great way to add character to the space with decorative pieces.

A close second must be the kitchen island! Beyond its functional role, the island has become a focal point for entertaining guests. It is a great area, and we love how people can gather around it- a great social aspect to our kitchen.

Calacatta Gold Superior Quartz Shelving

What made you pick quartz wall cladding alongside your worktops?

When it came to selecting the wall cladding, we opted for quartz over a traditional tiled splashback. Although tiles can look great the practicality and seamless look of quartz was the obvious choice.

With quartz, cleaning becomes a breeze, and it allows us to clean the surfaces and keep them looking their best without the worry of grout and discolouration – a choice that aligns seamlessly with our vision for a low-maintenance yet visually stunning kitchen.

Marble effect worktops with black cabinetry

What was your inspiration for the kitchen?

Being an interior stylist has meant I’ve been lucky enough to have been to some beautiful location houses that have incredible kitchens, so that is usually where I get my initial inspiration from. These spaces sparked ideas that I eventually incorporated into our own design. The endless scrolling through Pinterest also played a key role, as I was able to create a mood board with everything I wanted within our kitchen space.

Now it is finished how do you plan to enjoy your new space?

Although the kitchen is finished, we still have a lot of renovation work to be getting on with around the house, but in the meantime, we want to be able to appreciate the space and hard work that has gone into the kitchen.

We're eager to utilise our new kitchen by hosting our first Christmas, which is very exciting! There will also be a little one running around soon enough so we're certain that our dream kitchen will soon become a family space where we spend most of our time.

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Calacatta Gold Superior Calacatta Gold Superior

Calacatta Gold Superior

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At Gemini, we are committed to providing surfaces that marry exceptional durability with inherent beauty. The robust nature of quartz makes it highly resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts, ensuring its resilience against the demands of daily life- which was an important factor for Loz and Matt due to their love of hosting.

This quality makes quartz a dependable, long-lasting solution for kitchen spaces, and because of this was the number one material choice for their kitchen worktops.

Quartz is the ideal choice for those in search of surfaces that not only radiate timeless beauty but also endure the test of time, and we are dedicated to helping customers bring their vision to life with Gemini Worktops.

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