Template Guidelines

Please ensure these guidelines are followed to ensure an efficient and timely installation of your new worktops.

  1. A designated representative must be present when the Template takes place as this is essential for clarification of the details and can help avoid disappointment with design customization such as position of joins and cut outs.
  2. Our template team will need parking on site, or where parking permits are required please ensure these are obtained prior to our team’s arrival.
  3. Power and adequate lighting must be available in order to carry out the template. The floor area must also be left clear.
  4. For your template and installation appointment we ask that you or a designated representative remove any existing or temporary worktops prior to the team’s arrival. The space will need to be clear and ready for the team to laser template or install your new worktops. Our team is not responsible for the removal of your current worktops, so we ask that this is done before any of your appointments.
  5. Please ensure the following items are on site: hobs, sinks, taps and any other related accessories such as breakfast bar leg brackets and pop-up sockets. Belfast sinks should be installed in situ prior to the template but not connected.
  6. All under-the-worktop kitchen appliances such as cookers, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines need to be fitted but unplugged before the template date. Please check the manual of your appliances to make sure their placement doesn’t interfere with health and safety guidelines (or your final design).
  7. Ensure all base units are fixed securely to each other and to the wall. Please ensure all carcasses and wall units are level.
  8. End panels must be fitted. Appliances that sit side-by-side should have an end panel support in between. Range cookers must have a clearance of at least 10mm either side.
  9. Unsupported areas require softwood batons fixed to the wall. Batons will be required where there is no front or back rail support over a span of 600mm. Battening into corners is also required.
  10. Walls need to be in a suitable condition and should not change between the template and the installation of the worksurface. All tiling and decorating must be done after the worktop installation.
  11. If we are templating for wall cladding or splashbacks then cooker hoods, wall units, extractors and electrical socket back boxes must also be fitted.
  12. Pelmets, décor panels and electrical socket fascias should not be fitted.

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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