It’s time to take another worktop design beyond the ordinary with our latest kitchen story. Cerys and family are undergoing a huge renovation project, creating their dream kitchen complete with Gemini Quartz, Calacatta Gold Superior worktops. 

We recently caught up with interior design enthusiast, Cerys Parry-Evans, who shared her insights into integrating our favoured Gemini Quartz, Calacatta Gold Superior worktops into her beautiful kitchen design. Drawing inspiration from the enduring charm of gold and brass accents, Cerys artfully contrasted these timeless elements against a backdrop of sleek, dark-hued cabinetry. 

Read on as we with Cerys dive into the details of this ambitious kitchen renovation project, share challenges, top tips and design advice for anyone starting their very own kitchen project this Spring, Summer. 

Tell us more about your project…

Undertaking a comprehensive kitchen and utility renovation marked the final and most ambitious project within our beloved Victorian home. Fuelled by a desire to enhance functionality for our family and infuse our home with more natural light. The original space, albeit cozy, felt small and lacked cohesion so we wanted to open up the space. Mindful of our budget limitations, we avoided the idea of an extension and looked at alternative opportunities to breathe new life into our home. 

After much deliberation we decided to knock through from the dining room to the kitchen, this would be the best solution and promised to expand the space and foster a sense of openness. Though faced with the daunting task of breaching a thick dividing wall, the instant transformation supported our decision. Enduring seven months with a makeshift kitchen allowed us time to deliberate on the ideal layout, ultimately steering us towards a central kitchen placement upon entry from the hallway. 

This strategic reimagining not only maximised functionality but also gave us a charming dining space next to the sleek slimline sliding doors. Our ultimate vision is to craft a seamlessly integrated kitchen and dining area immersed with natural light, fostering a social environment for our family and social gathering. 

What have you enjoyed most about your kitchen renovation so far?

The planning phase has been an absolute delight for me, from the initial creation of mood boards to meticulously selecting the perfect kitchen elements and hardware. Witnessing the gradual completion of our vision as the construction unfolds has been extremely satisfying, even though enduring the dust and chaos hasn't exactly been ideal. 

However, a significant milestone in this journey was reached when our new doors and windows were installed, instantly reviving the space and transforming it into a cohesive room once more, with freshly plastered walls. The anticipation of seeing the kitchen take shape, finished with our stunning worktops, is so exciting. I have a feeling it's going to be the crowning moment of this entire renovation process, and I simply cannot wait to bask in its beauty!

Kitchen Design Moodboard

What kitchen style have you chosen?

I'd describe our kitchen style as a fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics – think timeless elegance with a contemporary twist with a delectably dark colour palette. While we've embraced a predominantly traditional kitchen design, we've incorporated modern elements to add a fresh, dynamic flair. 

From sleek modern lighting fixtures to cutting-edge sliding doors and windows, our space exudes a distinctly modern vibe. And let's not forget about the worktop, grand full wall splashback and quartz shelving, this is going to elevate the entire aesthetic and add sophistication to the space.

Kitchen Design Moodboard

Why you did you chose Calacatta Gold Superior?

I chose the Calacatta Gold Superior as I was after a quartz that was closer in look to marble, and I felt it was quite a soft vein which would also complement all of the brass elements and the dark hues that I am introducing in the kitchen. 

We’re also having a full quartz splashback and quartz shelves too which I know will look amazing in Gemini’s Calacatta Gold Superior.  I really can’t wait to see it installed- its going to be the perfect touch to our kitchen design. 

Get the look with Calacatta Gold Superior

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What are the challenges you’ve experienced when renovating?

We've encountered a couple of hurdles along the way, with one notable setback being a leak from the bathroom that got into our pristine new kitchen area. However, the most daunting challenge emerged when we discovered that the exterior render, which had been redone just a couple of years back in 2022, had completely deteriorated. 

This unexpected development resulted in significant moisture seeping into the interior walls, leaving them saturated. This was a major cause for concern. Taking action, we've implemented remedial measures to address the issue, but the ultimate solution involves re-rendering the entire exterior of the house to safeguard against further damage. It's a immense task, but a necessary one to preserve the integrity of our beloved home. Ah, the joys of owning a historic property!

Any advice for anyone renovating or thinking of starting a big kitchen project?

The advice I would give to anyone renovating is to ensure you obtain multiple quotes for each part of the project, this is crucial to securing both the best value and quality. Additionally, having patience in selecting a reputable builder is paramount; rushing into decisions could lead to subpar results. 

Our own experience speaks volumes – waiting over a year for the right builder to kickstart the project proved invaluable in the long run. I would suggest (if you can) continue to live in the house during the renovation process can help to cut costs. We converted our playroom into a makeshift kitchen, complete with a dining table, and relied on compact appliances like a camp stove and air fryer. This makeshift setup not only saved us money but also provided a practical solution amidst the chaos of construction.

What are you most excited to do in your kitchen when your project is finished?

I'm absolutely thrilled at the thought of inviting friends and family over to see our beautiful kitchen. It will be nice to host in our space, enjoying delicious meals and raising a glass of wine or two together while gathered around the kitchen island. The anticipation of these moments fills me with excitement and joy – I simply can't wait to showcase our kitchen!

We can’t wait to see Cerys’ kitchen transformation and how she creates a space she has been dreaming of. Keep an eye on our socials to see Cerys’ kitchen come to life with Gemini. 

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