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Template Guidelines

  • Once you have notification of your expected kitchen delivery & installation, please contact us to arrange an exact template date
  • Once this date has been confirmed Gemini Worktops will always contact you one day prior to confirm the time of the appointment, typically this is am / pm. If you are aware you need to change the template date please contact us immediately, cancellations made on the day of template will incur an aborted template charge.
  • If you can ensure that the site is ready for templating by following these guidelines with all the required information in place, it will help prevent delays.
  • You (or a designated representative) must be present when the site survey takes place as this is essential for clarification of the details and can help avoid disappointment with design specifications. Please note that if a designated representative is not present throughout the site survey to confirm details and sign our paperwork, then Gemini Worktops will have to abort the template, which will be chargeable.
  • Our template team will need adequate parking on site, or where parking permits are required please ensure these are obtained prior to our teams arrival. On all sites we will require power and adequate lighting for templating.
  • Please ensure the following items are on site before the arranged template date: sinks, hobs, and any other related consumables that attach to the worktop such as leg brackets, taps and pop-up sockets.
  • Please note Belfast sinks and integrated appliances should be in place prior to the template. Integrated acrylic sinks will be supplied with acrylic worktops at point of installation and are not required at template.
  • Please keep any boxes or template cut outs provided with your sink or hob as these will be required in order for us to gain accurate measurements.
  • Having all of the above items on site is essential for obtaining accurate measurements and ensuring that you get the look and feel of your worktop that you desire. Please note that if an appliance is not available at the site survey then Gemini Worktops will have to abort the template, which will be chargeable.
  • All kitchen appliances such as cookers, fridges, dishwashers and washing machines need to be fitted but unplugged before the template date.
  • Appliances that sit side-by-side should have an end panel support in between.
  • Ensure all base units are secured to each other and fixed securely to the wall prior to the template team arriving on site.
  • End panels must also be fitted.
  • Don’t panic should you receive an end panel that is damaged. We can still template your kitchen worktops. Just simply report this to your kitchen supplier and proceed to install the damaged panel as a temporary measure – end panels can be replaced retrospectively.
  • Please ensure all carcasses and wall units where applicable are level.
  • Ensure the kitchen is cleared of any obstacles to ensure the laser templating machine can be placed onto a flat floor. Units must also be clear of any tools.
  • Temporary worktops need removing
  • Wall finishes must be complete and should not change between the template and the installation of the work surface. However due to material tolerances and the need on occasion to cut/chisel into the plasterwork of your wall to enable the installation we do recommend that all tiling/decorating is done after the worktop installation.
  • Unsupported area’s require battons fixed to the wall. Wall battons will be required where there is no front or back rail support over a span of 600mm.
  • Battoning into corners is required
  • Cooker hoods, Wall units, extractors and back boxes must also be securely fitted in place if we are templating for cladding or splashbacks
  • Socket to be positioned but fascias are to be removed when there is cladding on the order. Fascias to be removed until the cladding is installed.
  • Working with natural products, certain tolerances have to be taken into account during the site survey. These tolerances are 6mm vertically, 3-4mm horizontally
  • We ask that Pelmets and lights are to be removed prior to the site survey and are fitted after the installation.
  • Walls need to be in a suitable condition and must be of a plaster finish and the walls will also need to be level within a +/- 3mm tolerance.
  • Once the details from the site survey have been confirmed and authorised by yourselves, we will make contact with you to arrange a suitable day for installation.
  • Once this date has been confirmed, Gemini Worktops will always contact you one day prior to confirm the time of the appointment, typically this is am / pm. If there are any delays due to unforeseen circumstance to the date provided we will let you know by telephone as soon as possible.
  • On all sites we will require power and adequate lighting for installation, and good access for vehicles as close to the entrance of the building as possible.
  • With some materials we have a policy of coring and scoring hob cut-outs in order to minimise the risk of breakage during transit and installation, and therefore will need power on
    site to complete these cuts, and/or make any required adjustments.
  • Whilst our fitters do their best to minimise inconvenience, the installation process can create a certain amount of dust on site, therefore please let us know if this is likely to cause a problem prior to the job being installed and we can discuss alternative solutions.
  • We will install your under mounted sink to the underside of your worktop, however we do not install any top mounted appliances to your worktop; your plumber will be responsible for all necessary plumbing works.
  • Due to the weight, we do recommend that all porcelain/ceramic sinks are supported with a cradle; this would be the responsibility of your kitchen fitter to install this upon request.
  • Because the final wall finish can be bowed/ undulating then we may need to cut/chisel into the plasterwork of the wall. By undertaking this cutting/chiselling, there should be no gaps evident between the back of the worktops and the wall.
  • Any cutting/chiselling will be done in a tidy manner. If your designated wall finish is tiled/ upstands, then to help ease the installation process gaps may be evident at the back of the worktop, this is part of the site survey and installation process providing that the gap will be covered once the wall finish is complete.
  • On the occasions that we are installing upstands, these upstands are straight and flat and may be fixed to a wall that bows or undulates.
  • This may leave some gaps where the upstand does not touch the wall, in such instances we will fill this gap with decorators caulk up to a maximum of a 5mm gap.
  • You (or a designated representative) must be present at the installation so that the worktops can be inspected and the necessary paperwork signed to confirm that you are happy with your worktops, which also forms part of your warranty.
  • We ask that you kindly complete our customer satisfaction questionnaire so we may use this as feedback. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the work then please advise us at this stage, Gemini Worktops cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs post worktop installation.