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Quartz Design Options / Waterfall End (Mitred)
Waterfall End (Mitred)


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Waterfall End (Mitred)

Breakfast Bars & Waterfall Ends

A Waterfall End refers to a design feature where the worktop surface extends vertically down to the floor, creating a continuous appearance that resembles a cascading waterfall. The waterfall end can be added to one or both sides of the worktop, and it typically made from the same material as the countertop itself, or it can be a contrasting material for added visual interest.

The purpose of a waterfall end is both aesthetic and functional. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen design, while also providing a functional solution for concealing cabinet boxes and appliances on the end of the worktop. The waterfall end can also help to protect the cabinets from spills and splashes.

Overall, a kitchen worktop waterfall end is a popular design element that can enhance the look and functionality of any kitchen.

A mitred finish is where both the worktop and waterfall end are cut at a 45 degree angle. This creates the tightest join and most seamless finish. Due to the additional fabrication labour this is a chargeable process.