Wall Scribing
Wall Scribing

Wall Scribing

Walls & Cills

Wall scribing is a technique used to create a tight fit between a worktop and a wall, ensuring that there is very little gaps between the two surfaces. This technique is commonly used in kitchens where walls are not perfectly straight, which can make it difficult to install a worktop flush against the wall.

During the wall scribing process, the templater will carefully measure the shape of the wall. This shape is programmed into our CNC machinery during fabricaiton to trace the irregularities of the wall onto the worktop.

When the worktop is installed, it is carefully positioned against the wall and any remaining gaps are filled with a sealant or caulk. The result is a perfectly fitted worktop that seamlessly transitions into the wall without any gaps or irregularities.

Kitchen worktop wall scribing is an important technique to ensure that the countertop fits snugly against the wall and creates a professional, finished look.

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