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Quartz Design Options / Undermount Sink Cut Out
Undermount Sink Cut Out


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Undermount Sink Cut Out

Cut Outs & Shaping

An Undermount Sink Cut Out is a shaped hole that is cut into the surface of a worktop to accommodate the shape of an undermount sink. Undermount sinks are designed to be installed underneath the worktop surface.

The size and shape of the undermount sink cut out will depend on the size and shape of the sink being installed. The Gemini laser template service ensures that the cut out is the correct size and shape to ensure a proper fit for the sink. The sink edges will be polished with a bevel edge profile for added durability and practicality.

The sink will be installed by our Gemini Worktops installation team attaching it to the underside of the countertop using special clips or brackets. The finished result is a sleek and modern look that is popular in many kitchen and bathroom designs.