Sink Recess Full Flat
Sink Recess Full Flat

Sink Recess Full Flat

Cut Outs & Shaping

A Flat Sink Recess refers to a shallow, recessed area cut into the surface of a kitchen worktop adjacent to a sink. Sink recesses provide a functional and visually appealing solution to the sink area.

A sink recess has practical as well as stylish benefits in helping cature water around the sink area. This helps to keep the worktop clean and dry, reducing the risk of water damage and mold growth. 

Flat sink recesses are available as either a Half Flat or Full Flat design depending on the kitchen sink configuration. Sink Grooves can also be incorporated into the Flat Sink Recess. 

Sink recesses are connected to the sink cut out for easy cleaning and maintenance but do not drain water.

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