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Sink/Hob Apron


Sink/Hob Apron


A Sink or Hob Apron is a decorative panel that is installed on the front face of the worktop in front of the sink or hob, creating a seamless and elegant look. The apron is usually made of the same material as the workop itself. The purpose of a sink or hob apron is to cover the exposed front face of the sink and provide a smooth, cohesive transition between the sink or hob and the surrounding countertop. This type of sink apron can add a touch of sophistication and luxury to any kitchen. Hob aprons can also incorporate any control buttons that may feature as part of the cooktop appliance. The apron is custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of the sink or hob cabinet. Template and installation of a sink or hob apron is undertaken by Gemini to suit your exact kitchen design intentions.