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Quartz Design Options / Half Bullnose
Half Bullnose


Half Bullnose

Edge Profiles

A Half Bullnose worktop edge profile is a type of edge treatment that features a gentle curve on the top edge and a flattened edge on the bottom. The curve on the top edge is typically a half-circle or semi-circular shape, which creates a smooth, elegant transition between the horizontal surface and the vertical edge of the worktop.

The profile is called ""Half"" Bullnose because it is not a full or complete bullnose, which would have a fully rounded edge on both the top and bottom. Instead, the bottom edge of a half bullnose profile is typically left slightly squared off or flattened, which gives it a more contemporary or modern look.

Half Bullnose is available in the following thicknesses:

Gemini Quartz - 30mm