Floating Breakfast Bar 600mm Overhang
Floating Breakfast Bar 600mm Overhang

Floating Breakfast Bar 600mm Overhang

Breakfast Bars & Waterfall Ends

A Floating Breakfast Bar is a kitchen breakfast bar or island that appears to be floating or unsupported, using brackets to provide structural support to the worksurface. This design creates a sleek and modern look in the kitchen, with the counter or island seemingly floating in mid-air.

The floating breakfast bar bracket is mounted onto the kitchen island or breakfast bar cabinet, enabling the worktop to be extended beyond the normal unsupported overhang length from 300-600mm. The design creates the illusion of the worktop or island floating in the air, with no visible supports or legs.

The main advantage of a floating breakfast bar kitchen design is the clean and uncluttered look it provides. Because the supports are directly under the worktop, there are no visible legs to detract from the aesthetic appeal of the breakfast bar or island. Additionally, a floating breakfast bar can be a space-saving solution for small kitchens, as it takes up minimal floor space while providing a functional surface for dining or food preparation.

We courier the brackets to co-ordinate with your kitchen installation project to enable them to be fitted ahead of your worktop template. The brackets come with installation instructions for your kitchen fitter to use. They are mounted onto the kitchen cabinet using screws. 

A floating breakfast bar kitchen design is a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern and minimalist look in their kitchen. It can be a practical and stylish way to add extra counter space while maintaining an uncluttered and streamlined appearance.

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