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Quartz Design Options / Breakfast Bar Smooth Underside
Breakfast Bar Smooth Underside


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Breakfast Bar Smooth Underside

Breakfast Bars & Waterfall Ends

Where there is a visible worktop underside due to the kitchen design having a floating breakfast bar, breakfast bar legs, waterfall end panels etc we always smooth the underside of the worktop.

The Breakfast Bar Smooth Underside process removes any rough or raw texture from the worktop slab reverse side. This provides the most aesthetically appealing finish to the kitchen worktop design. it also serves a practical purpose by removing any rough texture that may otherwise catch on clothing or skin.

We term this process "Smooth Underside" and not "Polished Underside" due to using different fabrication machinery to the process by which the worktop material slabs are polished on their face. As it is not always possible to have the exact same level of polish this is known as a "Smooth Underside"