What Worktop surface is best

What is the best worktop surface for the kitchen?

Choosing a kitchen worktop can be a daunting task, but don't worry - we've got you covered. Worktops must not only look good, but they must also work hard, so choose from natural, contemporary, and innovative worktop material, either alone or mixed and matched for additional style and performance.

Your kitchen work surface is the most important accessory in your kitchen design, and it's important to make sure that you choose the right one. With so many choices and styles, it's not always easy to choose.

Our comprehensive guide will help you in making the right choice for durability and the most resistant materials and help you answer all those questions such as; Is there a difference between granite and quartz?, What are the unique aspects of quartz?, What makes solid surface countertops so durable?, How long will a laminate worktop last compared to natural stone?:

Gemini Quartz Gemini Quartz Ultra HD Gemini Solid Surface Sintered (Dekton) Granite Laminate Wood
Uses Kitchen + Bathroom Kitchen + Bathroom Kitchen + Bathroom Kitchen + Bathroom Kitchen Kitchen + Bathroom Kitchen
Available Finishes Polished, Textured Polished Silk Polished, Matt Polished, Textured Matt, Textured Textured
Natural Imperfections Within Material No No No No Yes No Yes
Heat Resistance Good Good Average Excellent Good Poor Poor
Stain & Scratch Resistance Good Good Average Polished finish = Average, Matt finish = Good Good Average Poor
Chip & Crack Resistance Good Good Good Average Good Good Poor
Chemical, Acid & Solvent Resistance Good Good Good Excellent Good Average Poor
Hygiene Level High High High High High Medium Low
Maintenance Level Low Low Medium Low Low Low High
Full Bodied Material (does the surface pattern + colour run through edges) Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes
Maximum Length Without Joins 3200mm 3200mm No maximum: inconspicuous joins 3200mm 2800mm 4100mm 4000mm
Sink Options AXIX, Belfast, Undermount, Inset AXIX, Belfast, Undermount, Inset AXIX, Solid Surface, Belfast, Undermount, Overmount AXIX, Belfast, Undermount, Inset AXIX, Belfast, Undermount, Inset Inset Inset (recommended), Belfast, Undermount (not recommended)

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