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Gemini quartz

What makes Gemini Quartz the best?

Gemini Quartz was first launched in the UK in 2003, and our mission has remained the same since that day; we want to offer both quality and affordability.

We don’t believe our customers should ever have to compromise. We have used our four generations of stonemasonry know-how to ensure our product is the very best there is on the market.

Here, we list the key reasons we know Gemini Quartz delivers the ultimate value and performance our customers can expect.

Quartz Slab Manufacture Comparison Table

At Gemini Worktops, we don’t believe in empty words and claims. We rely on empirical data to verify what we know to be true.

As a result, we had Gemini Quartz tested by the global leading testing company, SGS. We compared our own Gemini Quartz against the international brand, Silestone. The results speak for themselves.

Resistance to Staining EN 16301:2013 1 n/a
Thermal Expansion EN 14617- 11:2005 (Unit: 10-6/°c) 28.7 29
Abrasion Resistance EN 14617-4:2012 (Unit: MM) 23.4 25.5
Flexural Strength EN 14617- 2:2016 (Unit: Mpa) 40.8 27.6
Impact Resistance EN 14617- 9:2005 (Unit: cm/J) 4.66 2.8
Thermal Shock Resistance EN 14617- 6:2012 (Unit: Change of Flexural Strength) 3.87 13
Slip Resistance EN14231:2003 (Unit: PRSV Wet/PRSV Dry) WET 23/DRY 58 WET 8/DRY 46
Water Absorption and Apparent Density N14613-1:2013 (Unit: %) N146171:2013 (Unit KG/M3) 0.02/2360 0.05/2453

Quartz Supplier Comparison Table

The services, support and quality offered by the company you purchase your quartz worktops from can vary significantly, whether this is a kitchen retailer or specialist stonemason. A quartz worktop typically accounts for a large part of the overall kitchen budget. As such, it is important to get the very best price, but also that what you purchase will meet your expectations.

The below table sets out what we believe to be the most important elements to consider when buying a quartz worktop and compares what Gemini Worktops offer vs the main kitchen retailers and alternative suppliers.

Gemini Quartz Wren Xena Quartz


Specialist Stonemasons
Industry Experience
Full Accountability
Project Coordination

Gemini Quartz

Premium Grade A Quartz
SGS Quality Accreditation
NSF Food Safe Accreditation
Greenguard Gold Accreditation


Design Options
Factory CNC Machined
Scribed back edges
50mm Smooth Underside Edges
Expert Hand Finishing Check with supplier
Made in the UK


Laser Template
Risk Management
Public Liability Insurance
Seamsetter Joints


Tree Planting Check with supplier
Water Recycling Check with supplier
Material Recycling Check with supplier
Waste Reduction Check with supplier
Emissions Reduction Check with supplier

After Care

Material Warranty
Workmanship Warranty
Free Care and Maintenance Kit Check with supplier
Exceptional Service