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Gemini Quartz

Making quality affordable

Solid worktops can come with an expensive reputation, and for good reason; pay peanuts and you get monkeys! However, we believe in a concept and idea that would set us out on a mission to democratise the market for these incredible surfaces, so the vast majority of people can enjoy what at one time was only affordable for the few.

Impressive range

The Gemini Worktops product portfolio is expertly curated. We only offer materials that are suited to the most rigorous demands of the modern day kitchen environment, whilst decors have been chosen that represent a comprehensive variety of the most popular colours and patterns.

Gemini Quartz Atlas White
Gemini Worktops

It all starts with the raw material

Not to our surprise, our bestselling Gemini Quartz came out categorically the highest performing quartz surface when compared against the international quartz brand Silestone! Check out the definitive SGS testing results table.

Laser accurate templating

Laser templating is pin point accurate, is faster to complete on site than traditional methods, and we instantly transfer the files to our technical team to begin the work of processing the job into production.

Gemini Worktops

Modern craftsmanship

All our worktops are individually manufactured. It’s what makes us a craft based manufacturer, as opposed to an industrial scale producer. Our operations teams have taken great pleasure in developing unique processes in order to ensure each order is made to the exact specifications, and is made right first time, on time!

The perfect fit

Our installation teams are high performance worktop specialists, it’s all they do all day every day! For peace of mind, all our teams are DBS checked, and have passed our stringent internal installation training programmes.

Gemini Quartz Anthracite

“Going the extra mile” customer service

Ultimately, our aim is to deliver superior quality, at the most affordable price, supported by personalised service that goes the extra mile. Just like an Olympic athlete, we can’t ever rest on our laurels, and need to keep striving for ways to ensure we meet discerning standards that keep our next customer truly satisfied!

To achieve this, we have designed a unique customer journey that will provide you with clear communication, great flexibility and consistent support from start to finish. We look forward to working with you on your next project!