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Superior Quality

What makes Gemini Quartz the best?

Gemini Quartz was first launched in the UK in 2003, and our mission has remained the same since that day; we want to offer both quality and affordability. We don’t believe our customers should ever have to compromise.

We have used our four generations of stonemasonry know-how to ensure our product is the very best there is on the market. Whilst we have also developed a route to market that brings this product direct to your kitchen, with as little cost as possible by removing all unnecessary middle-men.

Here, we list the key reasons we know Gemini Quartz delivers the ultimate value and performance our customers can expect.


Superior Durability

The kitchen worktop has a unique responsibility. It has to look great, as it is such a large visual area within the kitchen, yet it is also the part of the kitchen that gets the most wear and tear and therefore needs to stand the test of time.

Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. In fact, only sapphire, topaz and diamond are harder which inherently makes this the most suitable of raw materials to produce a kitchen worktop.

Top of the rocks

Whilst quartz is largely accepted as being the leading worktop material, there are now multiple quartz brands all with their own styles and manufacturing techniques.

At Gemini Worktops, we don’t believe in empty words and claims. We rely on empirical data to verify what we know to be true. As a result, we went and had Gemini Quartz tested by the global leading testing company, SGS. We compared our own Gemini Quartz against the international brand, Silestone. The results speak for themselves.

GEMINI QUARTZ® (Arctic Starburst) vs Silestone (Blanco Stellar)

Source: Independently verified by SGS testing services

Gemini Quartz

Unique colours & finishes

Our Gemini Quartz range had been expertly curated to present only the most desirable and popular colours, that are all 100% suitable for the demands of the modern day kitchen.

Leading interior designers and future trend experts have been employed to ensure we stay at the forefront of our customers’ expectations.

We have created a range that has choice for every taste, whilst ensuring only colours that will stand the test of time make our unique selection.

Innovative technology

Gemini Quartz now brings the most realistic colour definition and patterns to deliver a superior look and feel to any other quartz surface.

We were the first company to bring the micro-mirror shimmer of the Gemini Quartz Ice series to the market.

We lead the way with the translucent depth and realism of our marble-inspired Metamorphic Collection.

Most recently we were the first company to introduce nano-technology protection – Nano Shield – to our Industrial Collection of concrete and rusted metal inspired decors.

Gemini Quartz Urban Concrete
Nano Shield

Nano Shield

Nano Shield is exclusive to Gemini Quartz, and is a revolutionary technology that is applied during the production process of the raw material.

Nano Shield is hydrophobic and therefore repels liquids making it easier to clean and maintain your worktops than ever before.

On polished colours, Nano Shield adds greater shine and colour intensification. Nano Shield takes Gemini Quartz Superior Quality to the next level.

Global Manufacturing Leadership

All our Gemini Quartz comes from state-of-the-art factories. All our factories adhere to the world famous Toyota Production System principles of lean manufacturing.

We have access to the highest quality raw materials, with many of our factories owning the quartz quarries they source from, ensuring they receive only first choice Grade A material.

Independent quality control inspection of finished slabs ensures that our stringent guidelines are adhered to at every step of the process.

Gemini Worktops
Gemini Quartz

Our promise to you

We are 100% confident in our product meeting the demands and expectations of your dream kitchen. We would, therefore, like to offer you total peace of mind and reassurance through our 25 Year Warranty.

We also ensure our product is environmentally healthy. Gemini Quartz has been tested by Greenguard and awarded its gold standard. The National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) have also approved Gemini Quartz as being suitable for use across laboratories, healthcare facilities and food preparation environments.

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Whilst a picture can tell a thousand words, Gemini Quartz really has to be seen to be believed. Request a sample now, to see our Superior Quality for yourself!

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