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Gemini Quartz® Brings Nature Indoors

Kitchen Inspiration
gemini quartz® bring nature Indoors

Getting outdoors has long been known to have a positive affect on us. The natural world offers an abundance of beauty and atmosphere where we can find calm and mindful spaces.  This is an important aspect to have amongst our bustling and busy lifestyles, especially in these recent times, when getting out of the house may not have been possible.

With this in mind, we’ve explored one of the biggest interior design trends of recent years – ‘Bringing the Outdoors In’ – the use of nature in interior design, creating beautiful and balanced spaces.

Open with Glass

There is a lot to be said for natural light and its positive effects on our mood and wellbeing. So, why not open your living area with glass windows, walls and doors to give the impression of more space and generally improve your home environment.

Instead of obstructing natural light like many standard builds do, welcome it into your modern home. This could be by installing a glass roof and/or sky lights in your living spaces, lending natural sunlight and warmth from outdoors.

Open your home into the garden with sliding doors or bi-fold doors. With thoughtful design and application, you can grow your open plan living area, doubling if not tripling your social space. No need bulky curtains either, opt for clean minimalism and allow the outside to be seen in all its glory.

Top tip: If you’re opening your kitchen into a patio space, you’ll find it’s far more effective if the flooring tiles in the kitchen are the same type and height as those on the outdoors patio area.

Kitchen Open plan
Foliage in kitchen

Plants and Foliage

Our planet’s greenery may derive from rainforests in the most tropical parts of the world, but you can bring the look and feel into your home. consider adding some green foliage to create the relaxing environment you desire. There are plenty of plants that thrive indoors.

fruit trees and rubber plants will add colour and wonder with their inherent fleshy leaves that instantly breathe tropical life. And consider cascading plants, a popular choice for draping from shelves and kitchen cabinets in the most decorative of fashions.

The health benefits of such stunning items can’t be overlooked – the psychological gains of being surrounded by plants have been studied widely. Not to mention, the cleaner air you will experience having them around.

The Warmth of Natural Wood

A natural material which works well in the home is wood. A great application whether it’s a wood worktop, cladding, shelving or flooring, it can introduce warmth as well as lightness and it’s a wonderful texture to add to your interior pallet.

Thanks to its sustainability, bamboo is becoming a common visitor in our homes these days, in the form of accessories, especially decorative bowls and vases. Cork too, is becoming a fixture to many modern houses and apartments, especially for flooring and wall tiles.

Why not look into including wood in a practical way, for example your kitchen. The addition of a butcher’s block for this stand-out kitchen island compliments and adds an organic presence as well as being a very useful addition to the kitchen.

Or, to draw in your kitchen with your living space, why not add a wood dining table or wood coffee table? This will create an open and warm communal atmosphere and extension to your social kitchen area.

Nero Marquina

Natural Stone Worktops and Flooring

Enjoy the earthy presence stone can bring to your home. Its literal extraction from the ground and application to interiors gives that connection to the earth that so many wellbeing experts rave about.

Natural stone is the style must for today’s contemporary kitchens. Well, first off there’s limestone, slate and travertine that are good applications for flooring. Other ‘more precious’ stone types found in our kitchens include show-stopping marble or granite worktops.

Alternatively, you have the choice or quartz, a surface that offers all the appeal of natural stone with the performance of an engineered surface. Typically composed of 93% inorganic components (essentially quartz minerals and silicone), the colour consistency in our Gemini Quartz® and durable physical properties are better than any other natural stone.

Gemini Quartz® offers many designs close to nature such as granite and natural marble; you can opt for a clean and delicate  white marble such as Venetian White or Statuario, or for the beautiful drama of a dark marble like Nero Marquina. If luxury style is not your bag and you prefer the more raw appeal of an industrial vibe, Gemini Quartz® can also closely mimic the look of concrete. Check out the Gemini Quartz® industrial inspired colours; Urban Concrete, Cool Cement, Iron Ore and Metallic Rust. These surfaces have a textured finish which gives the ultimate authentic look of concrete.

With natural stone, you can achieve any interior style whilst benefitting from the comforting feeling of bringing a unique piece of nature in your home. All in all, we could all do with a little nature in our lives so why not give any of the above a try and welcome the outdoors into your home this summer.

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