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Competitive Pricing

At Affordable Worktops, are aim to offer the best value proposition to our customers. We are up to 30% cheaper than our competition because we thrive to make quality affordable.

What makes us more competitive?

Our UK factory has a high production capacity

Our factory has 2x production capacity of our nearest competitors this means that we achieve great economies of scale that allows us to offer attractive prices to all our customers. In 2019, we manufactured and installed over 17,000 worktops!

We offer a multi-service solution to customers meaning we cut out any “middle man” extra costs!

At Affordable Worktops, we supply the material, we fabricate the worktops in our factory and we sell direct to customers. There is no extra cost, such as distribution costs or marketing costs meaning more saving for our customers!

We are a privately owned, family business

We don’t have any external shareholders to return money to, meaning our profits are constantly reinvested in our business, helping us continuously improve the quality and price of our product.